Foxfarm soil nutrition lengths

Just a question I’ve been wondering about. About how long will foxfarm happy frog soil be good for nutrient wise without adding any nutes? Late veg? Early flower? If I wanted to do an organic grow would it be possible to use just this soil and get by?

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I use FF OF and it’s usually good for 4 to 6 weeks or until you start flower. HF isn’t as hot. I’ve seen several people that grow in HP hopefully someone can answer your question a little more specifically. I don’t think you can go start to finish with HP. Depending on lights and other factors you may need to start adding cal mag during veg. Wanted to Welcome you to ILGM forum.

Thanks for the reply!

My understanding of it is that frog isn’t as nutrient rich as ocean is.
So just a guess but maybe 4 weeks or so from the time you put them in there assuming they are already in seedling containers for a couple weeks. Of course size of them will change the timeline…smaller longer time bigger shorter time.
The longer you veg before flip the bigger they get and more nutrients needed to grow.
Hope this helps but again you’ll need to feed them nutrients at some point as they won’t go far with just frog or ocean for that matter unless you flip real small

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Happy frog seems to be good for 2-4 weeks. As opposed to ocean forest which can be 4-8 weeks.

You can go organic with it, but you will need to supplement before flower.

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Happy Frog will not take you to harvest or close to it, you will have to add nutes. I pretty much treat Happy Frog as if it had no nutes and use advanced nutrients from the start with no issues, just fast growth.


I really appreciate the info! I did end up purchasing ILGM nutrients kit but wanted to see what opinions I could get with just growing in just the soil. These will be white widow autoflowers and are the first for me. I guess I just want to make sure I don’t burn the plant with too many nutes. Would I still need the cal mag if I use the nutrient kit I have?

You may not have to use it at all. My first grow was autos in FF OF. I was using cheaper lights from Amazon. They were sufficient to grow just not enough intensity to get nice dense buds. If you have higher intensity LEDs such as Horticultural Lighting Group Quantum Board lights they will cause plants to use up cal mag quicker.

I have the Vivosun 300w led and growing in a small tent 24x24x48. I figure this should be plenty for a single plant considering the size of my tent. Maybe I’ll pick some up just in case And keep an eye on it . Thanks a lot for everybody’s input

Ffof in a 5 gallon pot should last into late veg before you really have to add any nutrients. Using led maybe add a light dose of cal mag halfway through veg.

As I was reading through the post, my first thought was, based on my experience w/ WWA they are very tolerant of nutes. In fact my first grow was WWA in FF Ocean Forest and way over dosed the nutrients (FF Trio). So much so they were 5’ tall and pushing the limits on my 7’ tent. And that leads me to my 2nd thought, probably need to go easy with nitrogen component of anything you add.