Suggestion For Soil

Greetings Forum Folk!
I am preparing/planning my next session.
I am currently finishing my 2nd grow. Both of my grows have with P4P kits & Superb Soil.
With this grow I am looking to change my soil choice.
I am planning a single Amnesia Haze auto in a 5 gal container.
If anyone is willing to offer up a soil recipe with Fox Farm ingredients I will be grateful.
Thanks in advance for suggestions/advice.


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I like to keep it simple. FF Happy Frog with 20% perlite by volume.


Thanks. So does FFHF provide all nutrients need through veg, or are there amendments necessary? Sorry for beginner questions…

I’m with @MidwestGuy simple ffhf an perlite is what I been using have no complaints. Been looking at this Roots organic an Coast of Maine lately tho

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Happy Frog is generally (depending on how fast the plant grows) good for 4 to 5 weeks from your last transplant.

I start feeding when runoff PPM dips below 1,000.


Thanks! I’ll do some reading… :+1:t2::potted_plant::peace_symbol:

He’s right just speaking on my 2 grow experience it varies my 1st grow the soil was good for about 5 or 6 weeks this time soil was good for 3 weeks maybe cause I’m running auto’s this time hmmmm

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After years of experience I suggest you grow in coco not soil.


I am finishing my 2nd(ish?) grow, 4 plants total. Have used FFOF and FF nutes. I’m finding them inconsistent and I’m putting way too much time and effort into mixing, pH’ing and keeping track of how much of what I’ve mixed. Also, I haven’t experienced it, but FF Ocean Floor is really hot and some growers burn their plants up real early or shock them. It has the nutes needed for the first 5 weeks or so, but you really have no way of figuring how much of what it has left.

I have Canna Coco bricks coming in today, and am ordering Jack’s Part A & B in a couple days. As soon as I chop one, in about 4 weeks, I’m switching to those.


I started my indoor grows with coco. I was wanting to grow hydro and this seemed the simplest way. After a few issues with balancing pH and nutrients, I decided to go soil. I mix my own and only added about 15% composted manure/worm castings. I also switched to dry amendments. I use Happy Frog at half strength. My grows have smoothed out and other than top dressing once a month, all I have to do is water.

4 parts coco coir
1 part composted manure/worm castings
1 part perlite

This is seedling and rooted clone friendly. Good for about a month. When I transplant, I amend the soil with HF.

I do alright.


@Nicky @Borderryan22 @oldmarine
thanks for input. I’ll research coco/hydro. Didn’t really consider it. I just thought moving from “water only” soil to one that requires a bit more involvement & therefore hopefully education was a logical step.
So, very basically, coco is essentially hydroponics? Please excuse my ignorance here… :pray:

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To my understanding.

When I first started I used coco and perlite (50/50) and Alaska fish emulsion.


So if I understand, the coco becomes the habitat for the roots and you will feed nutrients regularly on a schedule?
Many, many years ago a friend in Colorado had a flood & drain set up.
Is this along the same line?
Time for YouTube, I think… :face_with_monocle:

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That would put my wife in such a foul mood.
As we are moving into colder seasons this grow is going to take place in an upstairs room rather than the basement. One obvious odor to accept is enough… :joy:

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I use FFOF on the bottom 2/3 and FFHF in the top 1/3. I do it that way in case FFOF is to hot for a seedling and feeds them for 4-5 weeks.


And you have no issues with this formula?

Do you then use the FF nutrients - “the trio”?

No not yet have been doing it this way for a 1 1/2 years now. My grow I just harvested a ILGM Grand Daddy Purple Fem photo I got 7 oz’s in auto’s growing 2 at a time I get 3-4 oz’s per plant.

Yes I do and some Cal-Mag.