Soil with HIGH Nitrogen Autoflower - Fox Farm - Happy Frog and Ocean Forest

I was considering purchasing Fox Farm: Happy Frog or Ocean Forest. However, someone posted a word of caution on these containing far too much Nitrogen. From Amazon Review: "Love this medium for veging photoperiod cannabis plants.! < BEWARE> do not use for autoflower cannabis strains it will nitrogen burn the crap out of them.! But other than that perfect for cannabis ".

I have four Autoflower seeds soaking and I don’t want to mess up this, my 1st, grow.
Please advise.
Thanks in advance,

You should be fine in Happy Frog. It’s not as hot as Ocean Forest is.

The comment is correct in that autos are more sensitive to nute levels.


Thanks MidwestGuy - I too am in US and centrally located.
I truly appreciate your answer and I do not intend to offend.
Have you had success using Happy Frog for Auto’s?
At this point I’m considering the local Garden Nursery to give a thorough review of their soil(s) - NOT Miracle Grow, of course. And then adjusting Ph as necessary while also using the Fox Farms Trio-pack fertilizer I have in hand.
White Widow and Northern Lights are those I have soaking.
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Amnesia haze auto in foxfarm happy frog. 7+ounces of good bud


Smaller pot amnesia haze foxfarm happy frog. 5+ ounces


Depending on your strain imo. Some strains are sensitive and some aren’t. I just grew a wwa in 5 gallons of ocean forest never had issue with it being too hot.


Either fox farm product is superior to any off the shelf potting soil from local nursery.

Do not order potting soil, it costs way too much. Go to Fox Farms web site “dealer locator” and if you put in your zip code you will be surprised at how many local sources there are. It should cost $20 or less.

Happy Frog is a milder blend of nutritious compounds but has beneficial fungus and bacteria that aid in root development. It is safe to use with any cannabis plant.

Ocean Forest is a stronger blend of nutrients but lacks the added fungus and bacteria. I’ve used it successfully for years and never had enough of an issue with nutrient burn to be of concern, but if you are concerned stick with the Happy Frog.



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Many thanks Oheeeoh!

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Many thanks to you too CMichG!

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CMichG; just my luck…
Following your advise; I went to FF…Locate Dealer…and the 1st business listed was the reputable nursery I spoke of in my original posting, but they don’t carry the soil. I believe I’ll give them a call and have a good conversation about this. We’ve only been customers for oh…about 25yr!
Thanks again - there are others on the dealers list - I’ll be making some calls tomorrow and Monday,

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What about roots organics?

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Dbrn32; I’m not familiar with Roots Organics, but did bing’em’up.
Have you, or anyone else, have familiarity with Ferti-lome Organic or their Ultra-potting? Seems to be relatively clean and “normalized” and without additional fertilizer.
See attached.
If I can’t find FF nearby, then I’ll be in a position to go with this Ferti-lome, add Perlite and FF liquid-trio fertilizer already in hand.

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I planted my germinated auto seeds directly into a 5 gallon pot of ocean forest and didn’t have any issues. You just don’t need to give it any nutes for about for about 4 to 6 weeks., Depending on your ppm readings.

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Very good Bearded One. Still trying to source locally some FF Happy Frog or OF.
I have a TDS meter on it’s way. Wasn’t sure what to do with it other than testing my Zero Water filter.

Furthering the conversation…
What I’m understanding you, and others, to say is - FF HF or OF have a suitable NPk ,and sundry minerals, to Veg well 4-6 weeks. So I will begin checking the NPK at 4 weeks in.

I am looking for fem. seeds stativa high yield high thc to grow outdoor in Nor. California

Amazon has 2 bags for 25 bucks link.

For the tds meter you can use it to test your drainage to see how many nutes are left in your soil. Someone can correct me on that if I’m wrong

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Naw your right @TheBeardedStoner … I usually suggest to check run off when a problem arises… and i dont like to wait for ppm in soil to drop to an insufficient level before I start feeding… I like the soil born nutes to stick around as long as possible and use a 1/4 strength nutes from very early and start gradually raising…soil bound nutes will he a buffer and you wont have any deficincies… if you ride the soil to the wheels fall off you will have to be damn good at reading your plants and have a full checklist of food to start supplementing once soils depleated… slow start feed gives you more time to learn and buy products based on education not life or death … your first purchase probably wont be your last or the same as your second choice… ppl recommend things they use… they havent tried everyone and usually offer opinions as fact because they used it and it worked… IMO ALLL nutrients lines some what canabis specific work well… you can go cheap round of you can eat off golden spoons… cheaper the cruder more or less… you want you plants eating caviar… by all means … but more or less in turn elements are elements but availability and compound matters … I use this for example… cheaper nutes use …calcium nitrate… a higher quality form of calcium is calcium acetate (one of the easiest absorbed forms of calcium) things like this dont matter as much to new growers just trying to get a grow under there belt… then again you dont wanna get to technical on your first grow or two i see it all the time ppl get tonadvanced to quick and have to revisit basic procedure unwantedly mid second grow …just trying to get the hang of growing cannabis you can easily get ahead of your self…introducing styles is definatley linear and theres a right and wrong way to do alot ofnthings with weed… got any questions dont hesitate to tag me if I dunno answer I’ll know someone who does … you can get technical as you progress best but to learn basics … 3 part will carry you to end but whole lines can be tailored strain to strain … not all plants like exactly the same thing :sunglasses::v:


Copy that Bearded One.
In fact - I found a local shop and picked-up 3 HF and 1 Coco-perlite mix for ~$100USD. Especially in these times I don’t mind paying more for a local shop/guy trying to make a living, and open on Easter Sunday to boot!