Soil with HIGH Nitrogen Autoflower - Fox Farm - Happy Frog and Ocean Forest

Fano-man; now there’s some straight-up solid, and spot-on, advice. You’re exactly right - just trying to get 1st grow under my belt with the most important criteria in mind. The rest will come. Don’t be surprised that I do Tag ya as the grow progresses. FWIW; already having an issue with Northern Lights popping seed but no Germ-tail now at 48hr in H2O.WW already in soil Sunday evening.

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I’m with ya on that, but I’m also a lazy man so sometimes that wins out. Haha

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If your going to use FF consider adding at least 10/20% additional perlite for drainage.

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Thanks AF.
I was planning to use 25% FF Cultivation Nation 70/30 Coco coir & Perlite mixed into 75% Happy Frog.

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I’ve used 4 ff soils and happy frog is best all round… I tried the ocean forest veg and transplant to strawberry feilds for flower… kinda pointless if your feeding externaly…never tried water only but if you do short veg 5 weeks or less with 10gal pot or bigger for that style to work water only…

I’m currently on my third auto grow using a third of HF, OF, and perlite. Every plant I’ve grown has had severe nitrogen burn. I figured this out due to the dark green color of the affected plants and this run I potted one plant with COM Stonington blend. The difference in color in veg is astounding. No burned leaves at all on that plant. The only issue I’ve seen with COM is gnats.

We have grown so far 5 plants using FFO soil and have had not problems with Nitrogen burn. I just did what people said to do (Our 1st grow) and watered when needed when my finger was bone dry and didn’t give any Fox Farm Nutrients till 6 weeks and followed the feeding plan. Outside plant was 9 oz’s 1st grow and harvest I say educate be patient and get to know your plants


We suggest you avoid using soils that release nutrients over time, because they can harm your plants or seedlings with too much nutrients. Every time you water them, the amount of nitrogen in your soil goes up. We recommend staying away from any soils that have this feature.

Fox Farm: Ocean Forest Soil is a possible choice, but it has too many nutrients for autoflowers or seedlings. We think Fox Farm: Happy Frog Potting Soil is a better option when growing autoflowers.

Please check out our guide about the best soil for cannabis for an indepth read about it.

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Hi Fano_Man
I saw your offer of advice and i thank you in advance for your time.
Im a newbie, 3 grows before last have all been good with only desire to increase mediocre yield. The fourth Grow has been a disaster after looking great for 8 weeks.
Im growing autoflowers, most recent Northern Lights, indoors in 5 x 4 x 3 tent. Mars Hydro TS-2000 light 18/6. Using FFOF, sprouted seed planted directly to 5 gal fabric pot. Using FF liquid trio of nutrients. I hold nutrients until week five; Using grow big before flowering and tiger bloom after start of flowering. Did add some mycorrhizal in hopes of strengthening root system to affect yield. Ive been using distilled water. The last grow was perfect til week 8. In week 9 had some of the top leaves of tallest plant curl, thought it was too close to light. Over next two weeks plant died. Almost all fan leaves yellowing, curled and drooping.
Im hoping for suggestions and would also like to ask if you have an autoflowering feeding schedule And watering schedule recommendation and possibly a tracking sheet.
Thanks so much for your assistance