Is there a difference in using either FF Happy Frog vs Ocean Forest?

Has anyone noticed a difference between using Fox Farms Happy Frog vs Ocean Forest?

I have read OF is premium soil where HF isn’t but unsure of what that means… Really just looking for the best results in my second grow.

I am switching from 3 gallon plastic pots to 5 gallon fabric grow bags.

Thank you.

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Soil growers that us FF products often start plants in HF and then transplant up into a pot layered with HF on top and OF on the bottom.

The issue is related to how ‘hot’ the Ocean Forest is. Happy Frog is ‘thinned’ with peat and coco to reduce the available nutes (a good thing when little).

There have also been reports of PH crashing in OF so it’s something to monitor. Always a good idea to have a decent digital PH and TDS meter with calibration solution/storage solution.


Is there a better choice in soil different to FFs?

There are a few different lines appropriate for cannabis. FF is a good product; I’ve grown some fine weed in it.

Roots Organics is a good name and so is Promix. Be careful as some of their products are not designed for our use so avoid them. Anything that says “moisture control” or “needs no fertilizer for 3 months” is to be avoided. PH is important with cannabis and they are a hungry plant; just in the right place and time.

Good you ask these questions now. If I were to advise you I’d suggest starting in HF or a nutrient-free starter (I use Promix HP but I’m soilless so have a bunch handy). Seedlings carry onboard nutrients enough to see them through the first three weeks or so.


I second roots organic original. You can still go 4-5 weeks without needing additional fertilization but the ph holds steady throughout the grow and is safe for seedlings.


There you go: He’s a seasoned grower and I trust his advice.


Whatever soil you choose, you have to just respect the fact that when the roots hit the side of the pot, a week or so later there will be no food left for your plant. So at that time you must decide to either pot up into fresh soil or begin a feeding program.
Do not! Feed for at least 4 or 5 weeks in FF or other built up commercial premixed soils. Its tempting, but generally a recipe for disaster. You should, get @BobbyDigital or @Myfriendis410 to mentor you for a grow or maybe 2 grows? Use the same soil and food, they can walk you through the entire process from seed to bud. Have fun! And enjoy the process ! Its pretty addictive hobby!
Oh, incase you didnt know, you simply put an @ in front of the persons name you wish to summon with no gap. Such as @Fiefie and there you go!


@Myfriendis410 @Cannabian

Thank you… I will go with the Roots Organics original for the next grow.

I just have to finish this grow… Another few weeks until harvest… However a plant or two maybe done next week or so.

I appreciate your advice!


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I was reading about the roots organics original you suggested, it says it is a coco fiber-based soil. Is there anything, regarding nutrients, I should prepare myself for? For my first grow I used a miracle grow performance organics all purpose Container mix.

My nutrients are:

Botany care cal-mag
Fox farms boomerang, open sesame, cha ching, beastie bloomz, tiger bloom, big grow, big bloom.
General hydroponics pH up & down
Fox farms sledgehammer for flush

I appreciate your opinions.

Thank you!

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Everything looks good. Maybe add some plain Epsom salts for mid-late flowering. It’s an excellent source of magnesium and sulphur but doesn’t have the nitrogen that calmag has.

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Thank you… I didn’t know the calmag had nitrogen… That could have added to my nutrient burn issue i have been dealing with.

Any chance you would be interested in mentoring me on my close harvest, drying and curing and next grow?

I use FFOF and we have seen what I can do with it. I wouldn’t recommend FFOF for the first grow cycle. In fact I just got my 12 quart FFHF that I am going to top dress my 15 gallon fabric pots.

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Sure thing!

Thank you I truly appreciate it.

I hope to be harvesting in the next week or three of my 9 girls.


Do you already have a dry area set up?

Yes… An opulent 4x4 tent with an inkbird humidity controller hooked up to a 4" vivosun exhaust with carbon filter. And a vivosun heat controller hooked up to a rigged intake with a small heater. I have a humidifier also hooked to the inkbird but have it off as the humidity is steady at 55rh plus i don’t know if it bad to have one in there when drying.

Inkbird rh is set at 55rh with a ± of 2.5
Vs heat controller set at 62f but room is at 69f due to the high temps lately… Usually at 62-65f

For curing i have quart wide mouth ball mason jars. Small digital hygrometers and boveda packs 62% ready to go.

Also have a 5 gallon tub, 4 gallons distilled water and hydrogen peroxide ready for a bud wash after the chop. Plan on rinsing in my shower & doing a 2 hour fan dry before hanging in the tent after the wash.


Sounds like you’re ready to go!


Thank you to everyone that provided feedback to this. I know this is an old feed but I am a newbie and this has been very helpful.

I am on my 2nd grow and have been using HF. I noticed burnt tips even at 1/4 to 1/2 strength of nutrients on both grows. First grow was typical newbie General Hydroponics, this grow I used the ILGM line up and still had burnt tips in early veg ( however much better results vs GH line up) . Next grow i will use Rooted Leaf Carbon based line up alongside some plants with ILGM line up to compare. I am sure that alot of my issues were related to my lack of knowledge vs products. However, I do at least test every batch for PH, TDS/EC as I should. With that thought does anyone know which TDS scale I should use for the ILGM nutrients- 500 or 700?

Some advice i received from @BobbyDigital a long time ago now… Was to use Roots Organics Original soil.

I use it from seedling through flower, with two pot transplants, with no additional nutes, (i use FF) until about 3 weeks after my last transplant. Other than using Recharge in between feedings. My feedings are to 10-20% runoff… Recharge about 3/4 cup. All pHed to 6.5. I veg about 8 weeks and generally don’t have to feed, other than pHed recharge, i just pH the RO water. Also no issues with burned leaves.

Since I followed his advice and watered properly… I have never needed to change. I have absolutely no gnat issues or any bug infestations at all.

Thanks @BobbyDigital

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Thank you @Fiefie @BobbyDigital

I will try this on my next run.

I still wonder about the PPM scale being used for the ILGM Bergman nutrients.

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