Super organic soil

I was reading that some of them say that you need to add no nutrients for an entire grow I was wondering how true that is. and if you do you got to add a nutrients is it harder to figure out since it already has some in there or do you just go by the PPMs And I was looking at the coast of Maine super organic oil or something like that I was thinking about getting that one anybody ever have it it would be my second grow I use happy frogged first grow It was very wood chippy but it was good other than all the gnats The first time I ordered the happy frog soil the next day or so there was between a 50 and 100 gnats and I still have a few today lol been using neem oil but be harvesting soon so stopped using it

My very first is super soil from potforpot, 5 gal setup, no nutes required, all provided in the kit. Its going to depend on what you have. Ffof provides nutes for seedlings to begin with in the soil. Then provides a table to follow for additional nutes 3 to 4 weeks after roots have established.

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neem oil should not be sprayed on buds. it is not good to consume neem oil. Mosquito bits does an excellent job controlling gnats in soil.
Search the forum for super soils and coast of main. What I remember seeing is the claims exceed reality. It usually needs to be supplemented with some type of top dressing once or twice during a grow. It may work for very fast autos. But for photos with long veg and flower times, I’m not sure it holds up.


my p4p had diamasciou earth for gnat control, forgot that

oh that’s what I meant before I switched it to flowering I stopped using neem oil I just ordered something else should be coming today

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okay I’ll look it up but pretty much if the girls going to be in vegetative state for a bit it’s going to need a little help

I literally just went to Amazon and got it lol thanks It seems better than what I have arriving today


A couple of spoons full worked in the top of soil will get the job done. :v::+1:

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I use living soil. Photo and auto. Photo requires a second ammend if long veg then the flower boost at flower. Auto just 1 flower ammend. No ph check. Runoff check. Measuring. Just water. Very successful grows. I recommend it for easy water only. I use Earth Dust.


Are you familiar with or used Craft Blend from Build-A-Soil?

no I’m not what is that you build your own or something?

Craft Blend is a dry nutrient / mineral that is mixed into the soil. Someone in another thread mentioned using it. So I thought I would see if anyone else is familiar with or used it.

When do you start with the fertilizer after transplanting? I have Dr earth veg and all purpose and the flower stage as well. How often do I reapply during beg and bloom

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Since i have a living soil no need. Only and ammendment at flower start. Already complete at planting for veg. Never used Dr. Earth.