Super soil do they work?

I’m thinking of doing my next grow with a all organic soil and a super soil concentrate and my question is does it work I won’t have to add any nuts as long as the seed to harvest is around 3 months

I’m curious myself. This soil Called mixasoil near me and I wonder if I should mix it in with the green fields. I got half a bag left and one transplant to go. It’s either ff ocean or the mixasoil as thy are out of green fields. I want to just water and not need to add liquid nutes even in late flowering. I’m lazy.

Yeah they work just fine, however, most people that use super soil grow outdoors and use ammendments along the grow, such as teas and stuff. I use pre made supersoil and promix hp mixed 1:4 to veg indoors to get ready for my spring plantings. It works quite well.

@Cannabian I’m outdoors. I’ll probably get that instead of FF ocean. I have some Auroa Green fields to mix in with it to spread it out. What kind of teas do you recommend and for when for timing? Would I use the teas during flower at the end? I want to avoid having 50 different nutes.

Thats what I’m running on my next go here mkd August. Doing organic neutral soil and mixing in terp tea grow, earth worm castings, and perlite. Grow should get you through until they begin to stretch then you can use a compost tea consisting of terp tea flower (1/2 cup) earth worm castings (1/2 cup) and black strap molasses (2 tablespoons) and brew in a 5 gallon bucket for 24-48 hours. Molasses is pretty dense so I usually mix it into Luke warm water before i add it to the bucket. Works great and all you have to do is amend your soil for the next grow and it gets better every time.

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You know there are many recipes for success, @Jammin just mentioned a reasonable option! I probably would steer clear of the worm castings myself because my soil is already pretty decent in N, I think I would trade that off for kelp and seaweed extract? You can introduce bone meal and stuff like that early on in your soil construction as it takes a while to release that stuff. Or you can sprinkle on top and water through it. Other than that, check out somenof the teas online and see which ones suit your needs at the timenof growth with whatever materials you can find nearby.

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Apparently my soil is pretty hot right now. I’m hoping they make it. The heat hasn’t helped. It’s only 89 today.

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yeah if you find a plant doesnt like the N in the mix early on like that its ok to remove it gently. Fill the root area with some peat mix like promix hp, and just water it until the roots expand into the hotter medium. Or just ride it out with straight water and no feed. They are too small to feed anyway.

I might not use that stuff as I seen it had N in it. I don’t think these ladies like that N at all. It’s only happy frog with some green fields. It shouldn’t be to hot. I’m barely watering. Like I’d be dead if I lived on the amount I give them :joy:

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It may seem like a small amount but the plants are very young and cant process a lot of food. In addition, if you think about it, imagine a liquid with food in it, the roots are only so wide, each time you water with the food, the root cant access it all. You water again, and the other food is still there and now theres more. The root goes into that enriched zone and cant handle the load. The plant gets nute burn. So water with straight water and see how that goes for a while. The soil alreadybhas nutes in it and can typically carry anplant with straight water for around 6 weeks or so.

Thanks @Cannabian. Yeah it makes sense. I need to slow down and do what I know. I’m getting ahead of myself.

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I learned years ago that you cant force a plant to grow. The best growth you can get is when the environment is ideal, the food is available and the ph is in the right range. If you have adequate lighting the plant will grow as fast as genetics will allow.
Obviously, good drainage is essential in any soil/soiless grow too

You def can’t force a plant to grow. This is a first starting seeds this late in the summer and doing it all outside. It’s a learning experience for sure. I should of just bought a t5 and started them inside like normal. So they are able to be in sun all day when I put them outside. I shaded them all last week and was like let’s try full sun all day well it was fine the first few days . Well it was way to soon. My mistake.

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it will come. Next season start them in the spring indoors and have them ready to plant by June 01

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Here are my girls going on 3 weeks

Well the 4 big ones lol this is my first grow ever dont think I’m doing bad but I’m grow in ffof and going to be doing the ff trio wish I would of known about super soil at the beginning of my grow but I’m I’m definitely doing this in stead of bottle nuts

They all look healthy. I’m jealous maybe I should of had them inside under a light for a few.

Thanks I do appreciate the good feed back I’m really trying did a lot of research and watch a lot of videos seems to be paying off