Question on organic growing

Im planning on starting my third grow, and im contemplating going organic again. I always go for soil and id be using FFOF. I was going to use this super soil, ive used their autoflower super soil and really liked it. Now heres what im debating. Im going to be growing blue dream, and im trying to get the most out of my plant. I got around 5 oz from 2 GSC autoflowers the last time around using their autoflower super soil and plain water. Im growing in a 3x3 with a HLG 300 v2. Will it be worth it to use the super soil for this grow? and can i use compost tea to water or since its super soil just use plain water? this is the compost tea im planning on using also

Supersoil and fox farm soils are not organic gardening. They constructed soils using manufactured products. Not that its a bad thing, but it aint organic gardening.
But yes with either super soil or fox farms you water with straight water. Supersoils are normally pretty hot and arent good for young plants. They generally carry a plant further than fox farms soils because they fairly heavily enriched. In the end, no soil last forever without putting back into it. So there will come a time when the soils will get tired and need ammending. Its best to know the limitations of the soil you intend to use and have supplies on hand for the end game. You also need to consider veg time required and if the soil can last.