Strive Brand Nutrients

Does anyone have experience with Strive Nutrients? I am looking at switching nutrient lines. Lots of great reviews on the website. A two part system to mix instead of a dozen bottles.


Never heard of them or come across them, however; if you’re looking to switch id recommend switching to jacks. Cheap and easy to use. Its a 3 part system but could be 2 if you want it to be. Great quality!


I’m sure someone else will ask, but why not Jack’s? Cheap, easy and excellent quality.


It’s the same price as Jack’s with a 2 part mix


Hopefully, we have some users to pass on a review if yhey have used them.

2nd grow, when i came, i wanted simple, jacks is fairly simple and came with lots of satisfied results.


Lots of people use jacks here so it will be easy to get guidance but if you’re set on strive then go for it. Just make sure u get honest feedback before buying it. Hopefully someone here used it before and can give u some feedback.


@ashhhh I want to switch to Jack’s… But need to get through my gallon jugs of FF nutes first… :crossed_fingers:Maybe next grow or first grow of next year.

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@Fiefie You’ll be very happy with the results!

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I have Jacks on my list for sure.

Let’s Do this!

Not promoting, just experimenting with a new product.

Hi, did you try Strive nutrients and were you satisfied? I’m considering trying it. Thanks

Ive been using Strive for about 5 grows now. I am super happy with it. Ive been an organic grower for many years in living soil, im a big flavor guy, and i got that with organics, but i wanted to try something simpler. With strive ive been getting great yields, epic frost, excellent flavor and aroma, and burns really clean, with a nice white ash.

Im forever being complimented on my cannabis, but as much as i want to take credit for being an amazing grower :grin:, the truth is…its comes down to great genetics and great nutrients.

There may be better nutes out there, im not saying there isnt, but i will probably never know, im knocking it out of the park using Strive.

Pic of a pheno hunt winner i got from a pack of Seedjunky wedding cake x gellato 33 grown in promix bx using Strive nutrients and nothing else.


Hey how did u flush your plants for harvest I use Strive but I’m having issues finishing