Marijuana fertilizer anyone?

Having a rough time getting my second grow off the ground and considering simplifying my nutrient regime. I’ve been using the foxfarm stuff. But in looking are the bergmans stuff it seems to be mixed for the plant stage instead of having to mix yourself… so can any one who has used this give me any enlightenment?


Jacks 321 is a great product that is fed in the same ratios from seed to harvest. It is easy to use, is not salty like many cannabis fertilizers are, and it is as effective as any product out there. It is very popular among the experienced growers here.


So i haven’t used Bergman nutrients but I can tell you that all the “needs this and not that in this stage and not that stage” is WAY over rated :wink:

Nutrients can be so easy and it dosen’t have to be different for each stage at all to have amazing results :+1:

If you want the easiest nutrients then this is what you want.

One for veg and one for flower, no mixing any thing together as this series is a 1 part nutrients and contains npk and micronutrients and its not expensive

Absolutely nothing wrong with Jacks either, lots of people use it, but it is a 3part nutrient line so slightly little more to it then GH maxi series…

Check out my current grow to see what it can grow.


I second @MidwestGuy .

Jack’s 321 is great. I just finished a run of multiple strains using it at 4g Part A (5-12-26) and 2g Part B (Calcium Nitrate).


I’m thirding Jacks here. I’m sure there are other simple things out there. As there are other cheap things. But Cheap, Simple, and STUPID easy? Jacks is your best bet. Same ratio start to feed. Just follow the order of mixture, set and forget.


I use Jack’s also and it is simple. I use MPK and Fish S#*! too. Thats it and my quality & quantity is all the proof I need.


I use FF trio too, and I’m not too happy with it. I’m thinking about switching to dry amendments rather than wet nutes. Seems so much more simpler than concocting a nutrient mix every other day. Been looking through a few options, and the one I’m thinking about going with is Gaia Green. I always seem to see beautiful results from people who use it.
Edit: I fifth Jacks as well, haven’t used it personally but haven’t heard a bad word about it yet, also I hear it doesn’t sink to the bottom of the water jug like ff trio

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That was my experience too. I grew with it for a couple of years, but the required flushes because the product is so salty is a pita.


The trio has locked the pH of my plant to 5.8 and I haven’t been able to make it budge. My plant is healthy as can be, I just hate that I can’t do anything to my pH if I need to for some reason.


What soil are you using?


FF can be a pain sometimes but as long as you follow a few rules its easily managed.

Rule #1 follow the flush schedule. Between weeks 4 and 5, 7 and 8, 10 and 11 (this last one is not required if you are doing a final flush and only giving water the last two weeks).

Rule #2 always water/feed till 20% runoff this will ensure that the salt buildup common with FF isnt dragging down soil ph.

Rule #3 always water in with ph stable water that is phd to 6.8ph. With other nutes 6.5 works but with FF, IME, always 6.8ph going in.
I will do this also on feed days as well if the last runoff ph was low. (5.8-6.2)

Then dont change anything. Even in cannabis, not all plants like things the same. If she is happy, dont mess with it. Runoff is ment to be a guide, not an exact measure. So dont spaz if you arent spot on. Just follow the trend and if it continues to drop, do something about it.

2 years straight FF trio, never had this problem. Have you? Or did you read someone elses complaint(s)

Ive seen a few yellow plants from Jacks. On the whole great stuff though. You could check out Kosher Nutrients also, they have a great line. My BOM entry was grown with Kosher.

If you are looking for an all in one kinda nutrient look at simply professional. They have a pretty great product, its synthganic so you get the best of both worlds with them. Its basicly kosher ir Jacks and real growers Recharge in one.

Tell me about your water, what kind of h20 are you using?


FF Ocean Forest

That was my plan, as long as she’s happy she’s okay.

More specifically with Big Bloom, once mixed into my water, the particles sink to the bottom pretty fast. It’s not that big of a deal, all you have to do is swirl the pitcher around a bit, but it’s still a pain when you have to let your water sit. After a while (5-10 min), it completely separates and condenses on the bottom.

I’m using tap water, I let it sit overnight usually so any chlorination can dissolve, and then I pH the water down to 6.6-6.3. PPM going in is about 200
Edit: thanks for the nute recommendation, definitely gonna keep it in mind next grow.


I used the Bergmans with a 4 plant Girl Scout :woman_cook: auto run and they were stunningly beautiful plants. My issue is that the packs were the absolute bare minimum supply. I wish I had of bought 2 orders as I ended up having to supplement my feeding schedule on a couple of the phases as I ran short- granted I fed liberally lol.

Ow all that being said I’m currently trying out the Jacks 321 as well for its bulk value. Hopefully I can reproduce some plants with Jacks like I did with Bergmans. Time will tell lol. Good luck!!


It will separate if it sets overnight. But if you pour out the whole gallon like i do with a bigger plant then you wouldn’t notice it.
I have not tested this to see, but i wonder what the nutes do to ph after the’ve been setting a few days?

I have found that because of my crazy schedule i cut corners with other plants when it come to mixing feed water so simplifying just make sense.
Ill look at jacks pretty hard but still wondering about the bergman product.

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Wow! Thats amazing! That’s what I’m shooting for :slight_smile: so you ran short growing 4 plants. Would you says it enough to grow 1?


Un aerated and un agitated Nutrient water is a breeding ground for bacteria.
My experience with tap water and nutes is that the ph will swing the longer it sits. However my experience with nutes and RO water is different. RO water mixed with nute solution stays pretty well set in the rez.

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Wow! Great info! Thanks!

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Yes for one plant it should be more than a sufficient supply. I was making each of my 4 GSCA a gallon of solution on feed days. They were in 7 gal containers.

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Peter Jack’s Outdoor Cannibus and Hemp Food for Me :speaking_head: