What nutrients are good to use

I used Bergmans this grow but not real happy with the results. Got be something better. Thanks

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Go with Jack’s 321. You will not be disappointed. A lot cheaper to buy dry amendments. They also last longer than bottle nutrients. You only need Part A, B and Epsom salt unscented. Just pure epsom salt.

There is a specific way you mix it up in gallon jugs. I will let the Jack users chime in how to use them correctly.

Lastly it takes less space.

If in doubt, look at the BOM contests and you will see Jack’s handiwork.


Agree with @MrPeat :100: very easy to use and great results.


I use Fox Farms trio (liquid and soluble) calmag, silica, great white and molasses.

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I’m a new hydro grower and started with GH Flora trio, liquid nutes then a few months ago switched to Jacks321 mid grow and have never looked back!

I was constantly battling PH adjustments with GH, had to mix different amounts for different stages, etc. Once I switched to Jacks the recipe is the same from seedling through harvest, and, I barely ever measure PH anymore because there has been no swing.

I got my Jacks guidance from @HappyHydroGrower so he may chime in too, goodluck bro!


Gonna get a lot of Jack’s 321 recommendations. Same feed ratios the whole grow. Easy to adjust if anything gets outta whack. Cheap AF.


Jack’s 321 or Jack’s Tap for tap water. You can’t go wrong. Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Jack’s also removes the need for additional CalMag as it has it sufficiently in the recipe.


Chiming in as well. Jacks 321 works with Coco Loco for sure! Just be sure you dissolve part A, B, Epsom salts in separate stages as they direct. Flexable and very effective.

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Thanks everyone sound like it jacks next grow

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You can find kits on eBay if you don’t want to buy directly from Jacks or through Amazon. I’ve seen kits all the way down to 2lb if you want to give it a run before commuting big time.
You literally use a few grams of each part per gallon of mix so it goes a long, long way!

There’s so much info and stuff available around the communities about Jacks it ain’t even funny!
Good choice! Can’t go wrong!

What don’t you like about Bergman’s ? I’m trying to decide what to run soon

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GrowgreenMi.com has a good line up of Jacks at a discounted price.

I checked where I bought my 25# bags - grow green is priced much better now than when I bought 18 months ago. These are the 2.2# each.

You will need to pick up Epsom Salt (magnesium sulfate) from anyplace.
2.2 pounds each will provide 260 - 270 gallons and have a lot of Part B left over

Is this all I need for jacks


Do I need anything else I haven’t used jacks so I want to make sure I get everything I need. Do I still use cal mag. Thanks

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A small scale to weight up the nutrients.

No you won’t need Cal Mag