Best nutrient line up?

hey, I’m new to hydroponics and got a 5-gallon bucket dwc system set up in my 4x4 grow tent with a 450w led quantum board.
I was wondering if anyone can recommend good nutrients with the right NPK ratios. I was originally looking at GH gro, micro and bloom fertilizers but was wondering if anyone recommends something better?
I also see there is the flornova gro + bloom
and was wondering which is better?
I’m trying to grow top-shelf buds and want to use the right ingredients for my recipe. I was also thinking about getting a bag of maxigro for my seedlings to get the nice clones to put into my bubble bucket.
I plant the plants into veg for 8 weeks to get the big healthy plants that will give me lots of bud during bloom season.

any suggestions would be awesome

There are so many nutrient companies that it would be nice to try them all. Modern lines are so much easier then some of the more traditional lines like Fox Farms.

I’m on the search for better myself. This summer I decided to try growing using an AutoPot that I learn about on this forum. Being an old soil grower I had been using fox farms for years and knew that they were just too “dirty” for an AutoPot. I had tried growing vegetables indoors a few years back and picked up a gallon of Ionic Grow and still had some left. I used that and the plants took off, seemingly doing better then I’ve ever done on fox farms. I can’t vouch for the final harvest as my plants just switched to flower, but by the end of October I’ll know.

The advantages of the ionic product go beyond projected results, it is so much easier to use. One bottle for grow, one for bloom, and one pk booster for middle flower. The pH is in, or very close to recommended range with little or no adjusting needed. No sludge in the reservoir, no clogging of tubing or fittings. Couldn’t be easier. What have I been missing?

Now I want to try several different lines but it takes an entire growing season to judge results. I went down to my local grow store to see what lines they carried. I think I’m going to try a product line called Heavy 16 next year because they have a big display in front of the door. More costly then some lines, but I’m worth it, and growing is just so much fun.

Jacks Nutrients are affordable and work well. A lot of members are switching to them.


That’s what I switched to and I’m loving it. How much epsom salt do you add to your water? I’ve still been giving it cal mag.

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1.2g per gallon. Epsom salt.
If you’re using part B that has calcium in it.
The magnesium part is the epsom salt.

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Ok so Do I add the epsom salt before the jacks or after?

Add part A
Then epsom salt
Part B

I’ve never heard of jacks.
I wanted to try the GH gro, micro and bloom
Anyone use the GH line up vs jacks?
I like using reputable products…

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I don’t think so. Most likely reason is nobody like paying for watered down nutrients from GH. Jacks is a solid, that is dissolvable.

Can you post a link for jacks plz
what deters me away from gh is the number of different solutions they have its seems complicated compared to other brands.

That’s what I was using before I switched to jacks and the jacks blows the GH out the water. I could tell a difference within the first day Of switching to jacks.

Just need to pick up epsom salt for the magnesium. Still have to PH up or down accordingly. @mylestrades

this jacks nutrients looks interesting.
is it just part A and part B?
are results really that much of an improvement compared to GH? I might order some.
never heard of it.
thanks for the reccomendation!
im assuming it uses specific minerals and that its like a powder type addative???


@Covertgrower thanks for the link im gonna look into it.

I can tag you into my journal, I recently switched right before heading into flowering. Glad I did. This grow is so much smoother.
Epsom salt is the other component, available at just about any store. As long as it’s not scented. lol.

is it a powder? im using a 5 gal DWC
do you just mix it into the water?


Yes it’s a powder, dissolves in water.

interesting… post some pics of your finished buds when you have.


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I switched from GH to jacks. I like jacks better.

Are you using the 5.15.26/15.0.0 recipe?
Any photos of your plants?