Hydroponic nutrients

After my two plants in tent are done, I have two vivoson hydro buckets that I want to place in the tent giving myself a shot at hydro. What is considered the best hydro nutrients to use? I was told dynagrow/dynabloom nutrients were super. What do you guys think and what do you use for hydro?


I use jacks 321 best and easiest hydro nutrients imo can go entire grow with never changing water,
I’ll be honest though, I haven’t tried others.
Jacks makes it so simple I’m not sure I will try another for a while.


I use General Hydroponics line, Flora trio. I’m gonna use all this up, and switch to jacks! Like @Syndrix said, it has the best reviews on here & simple to use!

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I use Jack’s 321 as recommended.

I do not change my water during a grow.

I am extremely happy with the product, results, simplicity of use and customer support.

Here’s my girls in it as of yesterday.


Beautiful set up brother! :sunglasses:

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I am interested in this Jacks nutrient line…when you say “don’t change the reservoir during the grow” do you mean you just keep adding… and never flush out old nutrient and put in new nutrient?


That is correct. I run the same water for the entire grow. I just add ph’ed water when needed and nute solution when needed. I run my ppm’s between 1000 and 1300. I let the ppm’s get down to 850-900 before I add more nute solution.

Make sure you ph your nute solution before adding it to your reservoir.

For the last 3ish weeks before harvest, i add nothing but ph’ed water.

Btw, im adding 2-3 gallons of water every two days now. When they get to be bigger, ill go through 5 gallons a day. I use well water.

It works for me. To each their own.

Happy growing!


thanks for that info… same to you!

I am curious if you’ve had your water tested specifically for calcium and magnesium levels. ’
Do you modify Jack’s formula?
I use well water too. Being in a Midwest state I have a lot of calcium and magnesium from the limestone it passes through.
JR Peters Lab will do a comprehensive mineral content analysis for a fee and am considering having one done.

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I have not had my water tested. I thought about it but chose to roll the dice.

Out of the tap my water has a ph of 6.8 and ppm’s of 40 as of yesterday. The ph and ppm’s do vary slightly from time to time.

I use the original Jack’s formula:
3.6g of Part A per gallon
…mix until COMPLETELY dissolved

1.1g of Epsom Salt per gallon
…mix until COMPLETELY dissolved

2.4g of Part B per gallon
…mix until COMPLETELY dissolved

Then ph to 5.8.
Dump it reservoir.

I use this to mix my nutes.


I am probably one of the few that uses Advanced Nutrients. I dont change my res unless the food changes drastically with plant phases, but it is expensive if you try to run grandmaster. Dr tims Aquatics waste away is bacteria that eats root rot, barley straw prevents Algae.

Res changes -

Veg =

Grow AB, B52, voodoo juice, Rhino Skin, Hydroguard, Dr. TIMS Aquatics Waste Away., Tarantula, Piranha, barley straw extract,

Bloom week 1-2

Bloom AB, voodoo juice, Tarantula, Piranha, Bud ignighter, bud candy, big bud, Terpinator

Week 3 - 10

BLloom AB, voodoo juice, Tarantula, Piranha, Terpinator, big bud, nirvana, bud candy, rhino skin, B52, hydroguard, dr tims, barley straw extract

Final 2 weeks

Bloom AB, overdrive, rhino skin, bud candy, nirvana, terpinator, barley straw, dr tims, hydroguard, B52


I went to a few sites and read their reviews, I think I might give this product a try.
Thanks for the info

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wow bud, amazing looking setup you have here. please tag me any grow journal you have!

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Thanks brother.


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What is the measure you use for the three base nutrients? How often do you have to add them to the hydro? I will be using two Vivoson hydro bucket systems to try out my luck. I ordered the three part Advanced Nutrients but after ordering found out they were 500mL each. As a disabled vet, I will be placing another order beginning next month to double the amount. As I am on a limited income how much would I need to accomplish a complete grow? I will be ordering Voodoo and Piranha beginning of May also.

Previous post was forJarlax using Advanced Nutrients Products

@M60Gunner thanks for your seevice. I was a parachute rigger in the Army for 6 years. It depends on your total water volume. Veg is 8ml per gallon, for the bacteria and fungus, only add 4, its expensive. Your going to start at half, for everything and slowly build the plant up to 8ml by the time you flower. Once in flower, do the same start at half. Your top up solution, will be half of what you started with, or half of half, you increase/decrease this amount to increse/decrese ppms but keep the same ratio of nutrients.

Download their app “bud labs”, for a guide, for sure, but start at half. Cant stress that enough, full strength is if you have a full commercial setup with C02 and all that.

I use several of the General Hydroponics nutes and have had great results. 1st grow using them and had no issues at all and had big yields. I change my water every 7 days or so though and some folks don’t like messing with that. Whatever you end up using the Ph and root health is critical. I use UC Roots and really like it, great product for root health.

Thank you for the information, I appreciate that.