Tell me about jacks nutrients please!

So I use general hydro flora series plus a few more of their products. I want to switch once I run out and I’m down to the last little bit. I def want to switch out from the 3 part mix . Now there are so many products out there it’s overwhelming. I see a lot of people if not most on this forum use jacks nutrients. I’ve inquired before but got limited responses can some experienced growers tell me why I should switch to jacks maybe share the reasons why you prefer it to other products . Plus whatever else is necessary to use along with jacks nutrient line. As always much appreciated!


I just recently switched over to jacks 321 its as easy as 321 lol. Went from 8-10 bottles nutes to now only using 1 and a 3 part system. The only bottle nute i use is armor si (silica)

How often do you feed? Weekly ?

Im really really considering switching to jacks. Does it have more ingredients in it than other fertilizers on the market? Why the epson salt? No cal mag?

@BigCat420 @Hellraiser i currently run general hydro 10 part system. I use the flora 3 part, armor si( silica), floralicous, cal mag, and liquid kool bloom In flower. Will jacks 321 replace the need for all these products ?

I have noticed a difference between the times I’ve used floralicous plus and haven’t so I definitely have gotten benefits from the 10 part system it’s just a lot with all the bottles of nutes which is one of the main reasons why jacks seems so enticing to me at the moment.

Jacks 321 is just 3 parts and should replace most of what you use now. I water/feed my 17 plants every other day 5 gals at a time so far. Epsom salt is your cal-mag essentially but you can still add cal-mag as some do but i dont

Bobbydigital recommended the Jacks and Roots Organic to me 4 grows ago as i was having a fit with the FF brand ( i believe my failure with FF due to my inexpierance with TDS and Ph meters) but with the roots and Jacks ive had fantastic uneventable grows with end results beyound my expectations. Its easy to use,dosen’t cause Ph issues. SOLD! Oh ya produces dense solid buds full of trics.


Well im sold . I read the ingridents and saw it has the same active ingredients that floralicous plus has and the flora trio. Can someone send me a link so I buy the right one please and thank you? I saw jacks has a few different lines .

I just ordered from amazon. They are faster than the actual company and damn near the same amount. Amazon is more expensive but thru the company you have to pay fedex a good chunk of change for delivery which probably wont be there in a week and amazon can do damn near next day delivery if its prime. I ordered part A and part B 25lb bags. It was close to $160

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I’ve run the full GH line and have been doing Jack’s for almost two years now. It’s a very forgiving nutrient line: feed full strength from first feeding to last. Not difficult to mix although I do add silica (necessary micro-nutrient) as well as doing a modified mix with MKP right at transition. Plants are happy all the way to harvest.

One plant in my current grow:


She looks great! @Myfriendis410

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Thank you @BigCat420

By memory (good luck with that) i think i bought direct in 2.2lb bags of A and B and got a bag of epsom at winn dixie.

Epsom provides magnesium and sulfur

Calcium comes in from calcium nitrate/part B/15-0-0.

You can get to similar point from several different brands of same stuff. Jacks has just been a little cheaper than the others.

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Should I wait till next grow to start using jacks? Is it ok to switch nutrient line in flower?

Girls are looking good I don’t want to anything up .

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I have found the Jacks is so well tollorated by my plants i don’t think it would be a problem.

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No need for cal mag with jacks?


Thats what the Epsom takes care of.