OK, I am sold on Jack's. Now what?

Hi all, since being strongly advised to consider Jacks 321 for my grows, I’ve been binging on videos and articles on it. Given what it does for the money I am sold. I am also confused. There are a ton of suggestions about additives to assist with root development, vegetation and flowering, most of them different. Is there a definitive list of what I should add to the Jack’s routine? I care more about outcome than cost. Any help appreciated!


Not knocking on Jacks but you should check out Mantis Buffered Nutrients. One part and works just as well if not better than most nutrient lines out there.

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I would suggest reading @Hellraiser grows skittlez and Banana Kush journal, or @AfgVet retirement grow. I am on my first grow, in coco with Jacks. A pH meter and an EC meter were a couple of my first purchases. My plants got nothing but Jacks part A and B and Epsom salts until I switched to flower, I am at day 19 of flower 65 days since sprouting.

If you like I will put a tag in my Journal which isn’t as lengthy a read as those others but I have kept things simple. My well water has about 90 ppm which is apparently good. Per gallon of water I add 3.6 grams of part A and mix. I add 1.2 grams of Epsom Salts and mix. Let it sit for ten minutes and mix again. I add 2.4 grams of part B and mix and then adjust PH to 5.8. That was used from seeds sprouting until I switched to flower. At that point I am starting with 2 ml of silica, then 2 grams of part A, then 2 grams of Epsom, mix and let rest for 10 minutes, 2grams of part B, mix, and then 1.2 grams of MKP. That is for the first 3 weeks of flower. Then I will switch back to the original recipe for the duration, unless the plants seem to complain about something.


Great info. I will go ahead and check out @Hellraiser and @AfgVet grows and see what I can learn from them. Thanks for responding!


I also use Jacks but I add silica and hydroguard cause I’m in hydro.
I mix:
1/4 tsp /gal Silica
3.69 gr / gal Part A
1.2 gr / gal Epson Salt
2.44 gr / gal Part B
1/2 tsp / gal hydroguard
The PH the water.

Seed to harvest. Several ways to run Jacks, you have to figure out what works best for you…
Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Thank you!