Nutrient ? About switching nuits

So I’m currently using gh Flora trio, the “advanced” part. I’m currently in week 7 of flower growing hydro. Was wondering if it’s ok to switch to jacks 321. I’m almost out of diamond nectar and flora nectar, that’s why I want to switch.

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I switched to Jack’s in the middle of a grow and had no problems at all.

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Ok cool, also do you know how much silca and calmag to add to the jacks?

Add silica per the directions. Cal/mag is unnecessary with Jack’s. Use Epsom salt instead. Jack’s prescribes the amount of Epsom to be used.


I looked on Amazon for Jack’s 321, but all I found was Jacks Part A, Flower, and some other things. Is Jacks 321, and the Part A the same?

Jack’s 321 is Part A, Part B, and Epsom.

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Ok cool thanks for the info

Damn I was going to recommend growgreenmi but the 2.2 pound pack of A & B is out of stock.

this will last a long long while

I have also bought Jack’s from Esbenshades garden center online. It has the 2.2 pound bags 23 - 25$


If I remember correctly eBay has much better deals on the small kits vs Amazon.

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Yes, eBay sellers buy huge bags of it and then parse it out in smaller quantities. That’s where I get my 6 lbs of Jacks from. Very economical.

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What are some best substitutes for greensand, feather meal and 5-5-5 npk fertilizer for organic growing, what i found is wood ash for greensand, fish meal for feather meal and no specific answer for 5-5-5 npk.

@pabloescobar , were you here before as @pabloescobarforever ???

Yes absolutely

This is a good sub for the 5-5-5 and organic.
Same balance of nutrients.
Only one account allowed so you may have to choose which one to keep.

Not available in my country and what about other alternatives i mentioned?

Do I have to keep guessing until I get one or are you going to tell me what country you are in?


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I am from nepal

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No good deed goes unAPPRECIATED lol. You work hard here bro.