Stopped Growing after Transplant

Hi everyone. I am a newbie and this is my third grow, first time with seeds. I’m growing 5 Blue Dream feminized from ILGM. Germination and sprouting went well with the help I got from doing a lot of reading here, especially a post from @merlin44 titled Tips and Tricks for Germinating Seeds. Very helpful.

Four of the girls are on Day 16 and one on Day 15 since breaking ground. I transplanted 1 through 3 four days ago and the other two the next day. I should have waited longer to transplant as there was not enough of a root system yet to hang on to all of the soil. But they came through fairly well it seems to me. All except they stopped growing.

Is this just a form of transplant shock and I’m being impatient here? Or could it be a bigger problem? Aside from a few spots that appeared on the last couple days before transplant, they look rather healthy to me. I have noticed the leaves are starting to shy away from something. There is a fixed fan blowing on low above the light but it is only putting a very light breeze across the plants. Maybe from the light - currently canopy is at 200 PPFD / 12 DLI? But my main concern is growth. If anyone has any thoughts I would greatly appreciate any help.

I’ll post a support ticket and some piccs in case they might be any help. These pics were taken in order beginning the first day after transplant.

-What strain, Seed bank, or bag see (photo or auto) Blue Dream fem (photo) from ILGM

-What strain, Seed bank, or bag see (photo or auto) Blue Dream fem (photo) from ILGM

-Age of Plant 15 days
-Method: Soil w/salt, Organic soil, Hydroponics, Aquaponics, KNF 70% Coco Loco/30% FFOF w Nature’s Living Soil mixed in the lower third of pot (started seedlings in Solo cups = 100% Coco Loco)
-Vessels: Type and capacity of container (fabric, plastic, etc) 5 gal fabric
-PH and TDS of Water, Solution, runoff (if applicable) well water adjusted to 6.5 pH, no runoff yet
-PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution (if applicable) NA
-Method used to measure PH and TDS Apera PC60
-Indoor or Outdoor (if indoor, size of grow space) Indoor; tent 4x2x60 AC Infinity, tent 3x2x80 (homemade)
-Light system (list brand and wattage/spectrum) 4x2 tent = HLG 350R, 3x2 tent = 2 x Maxisun MF1000 & 1 x PB1000
-Actual wattage draw of lights no meter
-Current Light Schedule 18/6
-Temps; Day / Night 75-80F Day / 70-75F Night
-Humidity; Day / Night 45% - 60% Day & Night
-Ventilation System; Yes or No (Size?) 4x2 tent = 6 inch exhaust only / 3x3 tent = 4 inch intake only
-AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier; Yes or No Window AC in tent room / Humidifier = Yes / De-humidifier = No
-Co2; Yes or No No






@d-Jawz Your plants all look great to me. You will want to water further from the plants to ensure that the roots fill the medium without any dry pockets.


Givem time. Bad shock would show in a day. They look fine.


Looks fine for a 15-day plant. The only suggestion I have is:

Suggest not mixing soil with coco as the are managed differently. Coco needs to be kept wet and watered daily while soil is watered heavily (assuming a mature plant) and left to dry out before you water again. A mix of soil and coco will be prone to poor root health. Coco becomes hydrophobic is it dries out. The pH for a soil grow should be ~6.5 while pH in a coco grow should be ~5.8 for maximum nuterient uptake.


Thanks for the replies @merlin44 @Storm
Ok, so I’m just being a bit impatient, I’m bad about that. :worried: :face_with_spiral_eyes:
So I need to water further out? Ok, will do. Aside from adding a little water into the Solo cup to help hold the soil together when I transplanted, I’ve only acutally watered them once - the day after transplant. I was amazed how moist the medium stayed just from keeping the rh at 80% under the dome. Amazing.

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It sounds like your watering practices are right on track.

When I put the seeds into the solo cups and when I transplant the seedlings, I pre-soak the soil adding epsom salts and worm castings. I don’t water again, after transplant for a week or two.

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Thanks @MidwestGuy Yeah, I was trying to decide whether or not to add some FFOF and decided to thinking it would make the medium a little hotter than the Coco Loco was by itself & because I’d read other threads where others had mixed them 50/50.

As far as the pH, I’ve read here that Coco Loco is not like straight Coco coir because of all the additives and ammendments in it and should be treated like soil as far as pH. Have I misinterpreted?


As far as shock goes they look pretty good. They’re probably just getting their legs under them and have a lot of new floor space to explore.


The biggest shock here is that you got The Wizard @merlin44 out of his magix dungeon!!


I’ll remember that. I actually forgot to add water to my solo cups and used a sprayer to lightly spray the surface so as not to wash the seed away. How much epsom salts do you use?

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When in 10 gallon fabric pot, I use about 1/2 cup per pot. I also add about 1/4 cup of epsom salts to 8 - 10 gallons of water throughout the grow.

LOL I have been a bit more active lately…A new grow going and Mrs Merlin is doing fairly well so I have a bit of available bandwidth. Also, I do try to respond to folks when I am specifically tagged in. I don’t spend much time online other than this forum when time allows.


Are there any signs to watch for if the plant is getting too much?

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That is a very good question and one that I don’t have an answer for.
Perhaps some more experienced folks can give you an answer.
@dbrn32 @AfgVet @MattyBear @HappyHydroGrower @Fieldofdreams @MidwestGuy

I should also mention that I generally feed my plants very aggressively and have not had any nute burn issues.


Your plant is focusing on root development right know she will start growing again .


What @Tom6377 said. Going through a little transplant “shock” and you’ll see more upward growth once they fill the new pots up with roots :call_me_hand:t3::v::bear:


Ahhhh, makes sense. Good to know. Thanks.


Thanks @merlin44

@d-Jawz your plants look great. Not sure of the exact question. What I can tell you is, when Merlin, speaks, get your pen and paper and take notes.

Getting too much ES? You’ll start to get a magnesium toxicity. Your leaves will turn a dark shade of green like a nitrogen tox. but, the leaves will take on a mottled look and be droopy and wilted looking.

If I may suggest, like Midwest suggested, don’t mix soil with coco. PH for them are different and will throw your readings off.

If soil, stick with a good cannabis friendly soil…

Also watering habits. Adopt a good watering practice… just do it exactly like Merlin says… lol.

No, seriously, Just like he says. Not too many more folks are as consistent as he is.

If kind of new to growing, get all the basics down before moving on to advance nutes, training techniques, and whatnot.

That may include anything from the size of your grow, to your exhaust fan, or even temp and humidity.

Once you get a base line on everything then you can begin to do different stuff. Doing too much at once will only make for a nightmare because doing too much at once makes it difficult to know what actually caused a problem.

Good luck and keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Thank you for all of your kind words @HappyHydroGrower. I am certain that you have established a very high bar. I hope to live up to it one day.

@d-Jawz all of the things that happyhydo said are exactly how I learned. Get the basics down pat and establish a baseline before trying more advanced techniques.


Best advice!!!