Should I Vacuum Seal?

Been in the Grove Bags for just over 4 months in a cool dark room. Should i go ahead and vacuum seal? I have heard that thc starts to break down after so long and wondering if vacuum sealing would help preserve for longer time. Also heard of people storing in the freezer. What is the best way to store for long term?

You don’t need to vacuum seal them but it is smart to store them in a storage tote since they do leak moisture very slowly and another layer of containment goes a long way p.s. never freeze pot , it makes the trichs brittle and break off

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Vacuum sealing will compress your flower quite a bit.

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You don’t want to vacuum seal them, Grove bags function best with extra air in the bag

I actually try to leave mine as full of air as I can, it helps the bag be able to regulate the humidity properly.

If you want them sealed long term just heat seal the top, but the zip lock does just fine for me.


This is my take. I put some from an 8/2021 harvest into three 1/4# grove bags. The purple haze was cured to 57 - 60%. I put them on a shelf in a cool spot (60 - 70 degrees F) and left untouched. I did not heat seal the grove bags. I recently checked the hygrometers. I knew the bags are not air tight and at some point in time will not maintain the desired RH. Well this was the case. Although the storage location was a good temp the RH was low. The hydrometers read 44%. Costco had a good sale on a nice food saver and a picked one up. I have yet to use it.
My plan is to put a few leaves in the bags to bring them up to a better RH. Then heat seal them. I am undecided about doing anything further. I may take a 1/4# bag and further seal it in a sealed storage bag along with a Boveda pack between the grove bag and storage bag to see what maintains RH better.
I know several around here (including some moderators) freeze their stash. It is first placed in a Styrofoam container to moderate freeze thaw cycle of a frostless freezer. Secondly, the stash is allowed to thaw completely before handling. They say you can not tell the difference between frozen or fresh. I think I’ve heard that before.



Thanks everyone, I do have the grove bags in a large storage tote. Every time I open the storage tote the hydrometer’s in the bags are still holding at 61- 62%, Sounds like im good to go.
As always, Thanks

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I though a lot of people put there’s in quart jars and in dark place and would open the jar up every once and a while and let air out for a minute and then back in the pantry ive not tried it yet but im going to start my biggest problem is i give most of it away lol last year i made gummy bears and put wY to much in them but they was really good

Au contraire! Freezing is pretty much industry standard for storage of both green and dried plant material. I keep flower in sealed Mason jars in the freezer; currently smoking some Purple Haze I put down in 2017 and is still as green and fresh as when it went in. I wouldn’t put flower in bags due to mechanical damage of plant material but rather use jars.