Grove bags and long term storage

I’m going to use Grove bags on my next grow. Never used them before, so pardon all the questions.

I keep reading and seeing on Utube guys raving about them. But what about long term storage, say 1 year.
Let’s say I grow 20 ounces. Once it’s dried and properly cured, can I simply plop it in 1 or 4oz pouches, seal it and store it, for maybe a year?


Should be fine for a year. I put mine in Mason jars and then vacuum seal the jar for long term storage. It stores for years this way, but I’m not sure about grove bags.


Grove bags are the “cure”. Once properly dried, just put them in the bags and close 'em up.
As far as a whole year, I’m a couple months into my first time too, so we’ll see. But my understanding is you still need to be conscious of the environment you store the bags in. Sitting them on a shelf with a room RH of 25% for example, will still dry them out eventually from what I’ve read anyways. I guess they have to be permeable to some degree to even work as curing bags. An airtight baggie they’re not.


I pulled some Godfather out after 7 months and it was perfect. I do not seal the groves but you can for long term storage. As others mentioned the location you plan to store when using the groves makes a difference. My location is my closet, upper shelf in the corner, it is dark, cool and about 50% humidity typical.

Another option without the “breathable” factor is as Midwest stated, cure in the groves and Mason em up for long term storage.

I should add not to vacuum seal bud without protection. It will compress your flower into hard rocks. I tried it. It’s super difficult to break up flower after it has been compressed by vacuum sealing.


Your a better grower than me.
They make one poung bags, but
I fear corruption, so 50xOne Ounce bags should do you well.
Get the harvest to 66%RH and bag it, IMO.
1-2 years forum says should be good, check monthly.
RH sensors keep everybody honest.
Seal bag (do not over stuff or squeeze flat.
Tape over seal for extra security.

I place these in my bags, just cause I don’t know any better.

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How do you seal the jar like that?

A specific machine that does jars?

Google burp lids. Lid has date dial (bonus).

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Many vacuum sealers that heat seal the bag have adapters for jar lids with a hose that attaches to the pump for vac sealing jars.

Or they make jar sealers as stand alone machines.

Or you can just buy the sealer cap and hose kit, and an automotive brake bleeder hand pump for low tech off-grid use.

A couple examples off Amazon…


I use 11" Foodsaver bags and vacuum seal the whole jar with a Foodsaver.

Wait… So you’re NOT sealing the jars, and just putting the jars in sealed bags? I’m confused…


Ah, well that’s entirely different. Not sure I understand why if you’ve got good seals on the jars. But I’ve always wondered about vac sealing buds. I tried it once, and a few months later it was completely void of any, well, anything… No smell, taste, high, just empty fluff. I attributed it to the the tric’s being “sucked dry” in the vacuum, for lack of a better description… but I always hear about people vac sealing, I just figured I did something wrong.

So you think vac sealing the buds themselves is bad then? Cuz that’s sure the way it seemed to me.

Vac sealing flower directly will crush it into hard rocks.

If you leave the lid loose it will also suck the air out of the jar as well.

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Ok, so you ARE vac sealing the buds themselves, just in a hard protective shell (jar) to prevent physical damage. So you see no degradation in the flower from the vacuum process? I wonder why my tric’s got so destroyed when I did it then. I gave up on vac sealing after that failed attempt. I’ve only been trying long term storage for about 3 years, but I haven’t made it past a year without my buds becoming undesirable. Clearly I have work to do on this process.

Bag seals un-sealed jar, without crushing product.
Also bag can become condom for jar.

Were the buds/bag vacuum crushed?

Not advertising the product, video available.

I bought for home testing and use.
Bags too.
Now I got the bug issue, Aphids, not in my stored product, fortunately.

I use them they work well for cure

Long term they dried my bud out but the rh hear is normally less than 10%