Trichomes and vacuum sealing?

Been reading about trichomes degrading 4- months after buds are cured.
I have a few questions.

  1. Is this normal?
  2. Will vacuum sealing prevent this.
  3. The biggest question for me is, when people go into dispensories, do they use a loupe to see what they’re buying? ( I’ve never been to one but I believe I would use one for the prices they charge.
    Thanks in advance for any and all input!

Drug dealer’s vacuum pack weed all the time, but I would assume you have to treat weed like tobacco. It has to breath and stored around 60-70rh . They use cello instead of plastic for fresh air. Or it will get a bad taste form the released gasses. Let’s ask someone more knowledgeable @Covertgrower

I’ll be using mason jars w/the vacuum sealer attachment. Hoping to preserve for 2-3 years?
My first harvest, inground outdoor looks to net 1.5-2 lbs.
Most likely only grow indoors from now on. Too many concerns outside.
I’m guessing most growers don’t bother w/dispensories?
Who else would bother w/a loupe in those places?

Half the cats in the dispos don’t even know what a trik is. .


I should stand out front and take a survey. Prolly get arrested lol

Myfriendis410 is responding. I know he will cover this.

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The best thing you can do for long-term storage from a Professor of Food Science at Cal Poly who is also a stoner: put a layer of Saran Wrap over the mouth of the mason jar before sealing the lid and ring or vacuum seal the lid down enough to seat. Place jars in a NON frost-free freezer. I roasted a doobie of some Purple Haze that I put down in September of 2018 and it’s essentially no different. It will degrade over time but that is your best storage method.

If you have a frost free freezer you could get a cheap styrofoam cooler and put your stash in that then in to the freezer. That should insulate the weed from the temp swings a frost-free freezer subjects the contents to.

I also do a bud wash at harvest which removes any mold spores present that can accelerate decay/breakdown of flower. I just leave the Boveda pack in the jar.

Also; don’t use a vacuum bag and just seal flower, unless you are only doing edibles. It makes it unsmokeable IMO. It crushes it into a hard lump.


The mason jars are perpetually renewable at no expense at this point and yes won’t crush my pretty buds. I’ve worked in food service and have also held sanitation certificates. My background in so many different areas concerning food and drink only leave me wondering why I didn’t do this before. ( mostly a legal issue) Now I’m just old and let God decide which way things go.

I need to know, if I’m going to grade my dope by amber trichomes, will they represent themselves in the same likeness after curing as when harvested?
My dilemma is, I have two very large outdoor inground ladies that have taken me about 16 hours to harvest, trim, wash and hang. It would have taken me at least 8 more hours to have gone over every cola and large set of buds and catagorize them accordingly.
I would like to at least jar them according to their supposed character.

Trichomes will start to degrade as soon as plant material is dry. Part of that degradation is beneficial (cure) but eventually THC breaks down into CBN (sleepy-time) with no psychoactive component. Freezing will retard this but not eliminate it.

I don’t grade by color of trichomes.


Sooo, do you grade by pistils?
If so, I was planning on cutting this before sun up/ What do you think? Sorry it’s blurry, it is very windy here.


You described exactly what I need is sleepy weed. I need to try this. I keep saying I will.

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So do you think this is ripe or over ripe?

I would say under ripe but its hard to tell.

Temp wont rise past 58 degrees here after today. Not until next april anyway. I plan to cut before sun up.

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