Seed starting methods

OK I would like the opinion from veteran growers about how they feel about seed germination. Read the blog on topic. What is the most popular method realizing that every one has true and tried ways. thanks and happy growing.


Step 1: drop seeds in glass of water. 12-36 hours. Ur call, just make sure they sink. (Poke them down after while, they’ll stay)

Step 2: depending on how long they soaked… 12 hours, seed sunk, to DAMP paper towel for 24 more. 24 hours, sunk, 12 hours in paper towel. Either way make sure the towel is DAMP (not wet) and in a warm spot

Step 3: check paper towel’d seeds for a taproot. If no root, rewet with WARM water and give 12-24 more hours. If tap is SHOWING i plant it into medium. If it is 1/2+ inch long i bury the root down n try to pry seed open a bit.

Step 4: leave in light. I actually just use a window seal. No need to waste my energy bill on babies


Shot glass
Tap water plus 10-25% hydrogen peroxide
Drop in seeds and finger stir a bit.
Put that on your modem for warmth and cover with like a coffee cup to keep out light if the seed pops to keep root out of light.
Usually they crack in 12-24 hrs. If goes longer than that I usually get small container with lid and paper towel halved and use water from shot glass to soak towel and cover them with paper towel and put lid on and put on router. Check every 6 hours or so. When they tail I’ll let them get at least 1/2 “ long and then drop them in Cowpots or final pot.
You can also use aloe from plant leaves in the seed soak or mix into the water once in soil.

I’m not that experienced but have germinated about 30-40 seeds so far with a learning curve and last germ was pretty successful.
Since putting HP in the shot glass have tailed at a higher % and quicker…

Many roads to the same destination
Hope this helps and HAGD


thank you, this toke is for you

Similar to @PurpNGold74 and @Skydiver

Hydrogen peroxide water over night, paper towel until tails, then solo cups with temperature at 77 - 80 F. I keep them in the dark until going into the soil, then I put them on veg cycle (6/2 in my case).

I have tried a couple of other techniques, this one works best for me.

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Stoner brain again? Thats not a whole day :joy::joy: ur plants get naps?


Yup, three two hour naps per day, much like an old guy schedule without the trips to the toilet.

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much the same as others…but different.
1- soak seeds in water with some hydrogen peroxide to prevent mold
2- after 24 hours, put in between two paper towels…moisten
NOT WET… moist. place in a container with a lid cracked open for air.
3- once tap root is 1/4" + inches long, transplant. sometimes I have to take a
needle and help the seed husk or protective membrane on the first leaves
4- bury till head is ground level… mist twice a day.
I fill a 9 oz CLEAR cup with soil with drain holes then use another one to
be a humidity dome.
5–once I can see roots crawling all over the clear cup…I transplant.
6–Doing DWC means I have to place the baby plant at 4 nodes in a bowl of
ph’d water to gently remove the soil from the roots. Then into net bowls.

This works well for me. Your results may vary.

Growing IS a learning curve. Our mistakes pave the way to a good harvest. Dun get bummed if the first two grows are rough.
You have US…for good advice. When some of us started, it was a lot more stressful. Couldn’t ask anyone. Had to be careful what you ordered and where it came from. (Still bummed about a $350 order from Amsterdam that disappeared and I got a bright red post card).
Early grow books were filled with useless fluff. Fish emulsion was THE fertilizer. Seed companies took 5 to 8 weeks to deliver…if anything was ever sent. Not much dependable genetics or quality.

So…all you “new” growers can concentrate on choosing the best methods, nutes and strains for your needs.


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Still remember being surprised when an order from Mark Emery in Canada took over 3 months to show up. AND…none of the seeds hatched. :nauseated_face::scream:: :cry:
The surprise was…something finally showed up.

Thanks so much, that is why I like this forum so much. People sharing knowledge so others may benefit .