Seed germination taking a while I'm starting to get worried

Okay so my seeds have been germinating for 48 hours now. I had them soaking in water up until about 8 hours ago. They all cracked yesterday and I see a little white nub but no tail. The guy at the hydro store today told me to take them out of the glass of water and put them in a paper towel in a ziplock baggie. I did that and I’m not seeing any change. How long does this process usually take I’ve had them in a dark spot on a mild heat source

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8 hours isn’t that long. Give it at least a week. Check every 12 hours or so.

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Did you dampen the paper towel and close the ziploc half way and put it in a dark space? And if it has a small white numb it should be ready to go

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I was told it needs to have at least a quarter inch tail

@chittychittybangin hes a very knowledgeable if you like 2 options are always better

Ive been growing going on 5yrs now and have stuck to 1 method of germination and have 98% germ rate

  1. Soak seeds for 24hr in water
  2. Dampen paper towel put seed between paper towel
  3. Put paper towel into a ziplock bag leave it zipped up half way and then check daily until the taproot gets big enough(1/4-1/2in)
  4. Put into soil water a touch then dome it to keep humidity high once the seedling pops up i keep it domed for the first 2 days above ground then remove domes

My germination method.

3 parts water (normal tap is fine)
1 part Hydrogen Peroxide (softens the shell allowing more oxygenation to the seed)
Make.sure the water is at least 75 to 80°F room temp. Same.with peroxide.

Soak for 8 to 12 hours. You should see a little taproot.

Bury seed taproot up about a 1/4 to half inch deep. (About the depth of a penic eraser including metal jacket)
A germination pad is good, but not a must as long as your room air is 80 to 85.

You should see a seedling within 3 days. Ive had them pop soil as early as 12 hours.

Heres some babies that just hatched yesterday.

I soaked these on tuesday amd put them in soil wed morning.


I don’t wait for 1/4 inch tail. A split with a little showing is all you need to verify you have a viable seed. The tail is very delicate and 1/4 inch may be a little long. If it is 1/4 inch then handle with a lot of care.

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Put them white nub down and in there forever home, they’ll be fine. Keep them warm and wet until they sprout. Your good, they will sprout in 4 days.

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I soak mine in water for 2 or 3 days until they crack, then plant them.

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Ok im going to put them in soil today. Do i keep the light on them 24 hours untill they come up or stick with 18/6 ?

You don’t need light for them to sprout.


As soon as my seeds crack and get planted they go under 24 hr light. They usually break ground in 2 days.

Thank you I was going to put it under an 18-6 light cycle. When do I switch to that they’re autos

The 18/6 should work fine.

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This is why I started useing rockwool cubes, peat pods, or solo cup of coco-coir.
I try to be delicate but I just cannot do little things like that anymore :confused: my hand’s just don’t do what I tell them as im getting older :sweat_smile:.

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I’m using rockwool too, it’s very convenient, you never have to transplant. And for the first time I didn’t know what I was doing, yet four out of four popped so I’d also say it’s beginner friendly.

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Solo cups can be planted also.

I just cut the bottom off and stick in a inch or two into the bigger pot. Doesn’t slow them at all :+1:


That’s genius but how is that any better than just taking it out of the cup