Seed shopping list help

I’m getting a list together for seeds I want.
My question is what if any should be put together?
I will be using Ff soil and products. My finish pot is 3.5 gal unless I should go to 5 gal?

Big Bud
Amnesia Haze
Sky walker on
Bruce Banner
Black widow
White widow

I’m looking for all suggestions.
Thank You

At least 5 gallons.

Two suggestions for seeds.

Jilly beans F2 by MzJill

And anything from Humboldt Seed company.


I grew 3, 2 of them were in 5 gallon pots and one in a 3 gallon. I got more out of the 3 then the fives. So IDK as far as seeds what ever you like but I suggest mold resistant strains until you get your set up dialed in. And I don’t hesitate to throw many different strains in the tent together conditions are pretty much the same. Like my next seeds are super skunk and sweetberry cough and they will be together


What effects and or flavors appeal to you? It’s understandable that if you aren’t in a recreational/medical market, it might be really hard to develop a palate.

You can order terpene sample packs. The sets might seem pricey, but they’re a cool tool.


Gorilla Glue #4
Sour Diesel
Laughing Budda


my husband is bpse and ptsd. I have depression and ptsd and chronic pain.

I don’t understand your question

You should maybe take a look to see if we have any mix packs that would offer at least one indica and one sativa. I don’t know off top of my head, but that would give you a little variety at some savings.

Indica is known to typically have more of the relaxing effect, lots like these varieties for night time use. While sativa will usually have uppity and social buzz. They can both sometimes offer some pain relief, but sometimes not really at all. So a good sativa could do wonders for your depression. But if it’s too potent or you over indulge could also cause some paranoia, which may not be good for the ptsd. Same thing with indica, may help a ton with ptsd but not neccesarily others.

I have heard from a few that California dream has excellent medicinal effects, so that may be worth checking out. I don’t really use for that, so can’t really offer much else in that department. This mix pack has the California dream, Skywalker og, and blue dream. Should be a little something in it for everyone.


I like Skywalker. I have a hard time getting happy let alone keep it for more then 20 min.
I will have to try. I was thinking of Dreamy mix
Thank you #dbrn32


Ilgm Bruce banner is my current go to strain.
You’ll want bigger than a 3.5 gal container.


not really

I bought this for my friends I’m still waiting for them… you listed 3 of them! Looks like a good deal just search cash crop and it will pop up if you choose that way

I would Upgrade to 5 gal pots I have 5gal fabric pots. They fit good in my 3x3space Bigger the pots the bigger the buds and roots? Haha that’s my theory Anyways

I have just white widow atm but I have gold leaf I’m going to do next :slight_smile:

Hope you find what your looking for @Irishlady269

Happy growing :call_me_hand:t4:

And Love your display picture :joy::joy:

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Thank you @MadCandy
I’m new at growimg and smoking. I’m worried about having to much plants growing at one time. Like the WW I know they get big. I want to try different strains but I know I like the Indica I can feel it. Lol

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I should if said hi

:wave:t4: hey

I’m new at growing aswell, not so much at smoking it! Haha

Yeah how many are you looking at growing at a time?

My 1st lot had 3 going 1 died and 2 followed after 2 weeks… got damp off plus I didn’t have the correct set up haha

I tried to germinate them just wasn’t happening
Finally with this lot, I had 3 going 1 died So 2… I was drowning them with love they are 6 weeks old but look like they are 3 weeks old… so I only had 2 going and I thought they weren’t going to make it so I dropped 3 more, 2 made it (1weekold) and now I have 4 going atm

This community is so great you are in the right hands you got this :blush:

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I am a medical and rec. user. I read a lot before I chose what I wanted to grow. I live with severe pain from the radiation I got when I had cancer 36 years ago. Blueberry is what I started with. Not sure if its cool for me to say, but Leafly’s website can give you some good strain info on the effects and medical uses for a lot of strains. My research lead me to the indices for pain. Tjey are also

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dang this phone. The send button is too close to the letters. Anyway, indicas are also generally helpful with anxiety and depression as well. As for the PTSD, I am not sure. When you are looking at strains there, scroll down and just below “effects” you will see a graph with feelings, helps with, and negative. Just click on the helps with to see medical uses. @dbrn32 if i am wrong for mentioning this please tell me and it won’t happen again. Good luck Irish Lady, enjoy your grow. The group here is great! Just pick the most appropriate topic on your grow or maybe do a grow journal.

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I’m asking what [cannabis] smells you’re drawn to, as well as what is revolting. I’m also asking if you have smelled a lot of “strains.” Lastly, I’m saying you can buy little jars of the individual terpenes, which give cannabis both smell and effect. Once you own these jars you can say “humulene seems to help ease muscular tension and pain, and I’m going to favor plants that smell like humulene.” If you’re growing your own it’s unlikely that you can also get a lab report, so your best tool is your own nose.

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I’m on my first grow now. I’m growing Bubblelicious. I bought 30 seeds and they were the only 2 that survived.
Thank you for the great advice.

@KeystoneCops I only started smoking 8 years ago. I noticed I have a high tolerance for weed or I just haven’t found a strain that works for me except Skywalker. Now that keeps me high for over 30 min. Thats good for me anything over 10 min.
I was a nurse and when I was helping a patient with 3 other people I hurt my back. I have a chip bone in my back pressing on my nerves and the position it is in they don’t want to mess with that.
So I have to live with the pain and spasms.
It’s a bitch getting older.
I like that to know how the plant is grown and what chemicals are used.
Showing my age I guess.
Great advice thank you

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You’re welcome.

Keep in mind that, even when seeds are sold as one thing, there’s a lot of variation. That’s why I try to encourage people to hunt through a lot of plants to find something that’s appealing. Once you find that “keeper” plant that works really well, you can keep it in vegetative growth and take cuttings off it into flower. This is the only way to ensure uniform flowers.

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Thats great advice @KeystoneCops. @Irishlady269 if you don’t know what he means by “keeping it in flower,” you can buy some feminized seeds that are photo and not aufoflower. As long as you don’t
change the light schedule to 12 on 12 off
your plant will live for years. Like he said, you just take cuttings from that same plant. @KeystoneCops, I can’t smell anything at all, and I think @Irishlady269 is kind of in the same situation. My smell got fried by radiation. I couldn’t smell the terpines. I did research them though, which is one reason why I chose what I chose to grow. Now I am “zeroing in” on the best strains for me.