Sativa strains--any suggestions

Oh wise growers out there. Thinking of growing some sativa strains. Any thoughts…thanks…this one is for you

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Any of the ‘Haze’ strains. Lots of choices. Maybe check out Leafly…

@Myfriendis410 I do all my research from that website. I wished they would have kept the old format as I don’t like the updated look of their site.

@thecount13 What are you searching for for effects? Green Crack and Bruce Banner is both good Sativa strains. If I know what you want out of a strain, I can help point you in the right direction.

I like indica a lot but wanted try some sativa. Not sure what you mean …what you want out of a strain. would you please help on. this. this bud is for you this

Example…do you want to feel euphoric, creative, happy, sleepy etc etc etc. Are you trying to control depression, pain or you just want to get high for the sake of being high.

List coming…gonna take a few minutres.

Top Sativa strains: Ghost Train Haze, Bruce Banner, Chernobyl, Amnesia Haze, Green Crack, G13 Haze, Jack Herer, Blue Dream, Trainwreck, Super Lemon Haze…this is just a few.

I’ve smoked a few of these. I like Blue Dream, Trainwreck, Green Crack and Super Lemon Haze and Bruce Banner.

I look for strains that help with Insomnia and Pain. Blue Dream helps with combating both. I also look for strains that help combat PTSD. This is what I mean by what are you looking for.

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Of the items you mention, I would say some pain but really like the high for the high,


You could try Gorilla Glue as it’s a Hybrid. Definitely packs a punch and offers some pain management as well. I’m not a fan of GG due to it makes me cough excessively for some reason.

Trainwreck also packs a wallop and I do enjoy this strain.

Laughing Buddha. The name says it all.

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I didn’t mention Laughing Buddha due to the fact there isn’t many reviews on that strain. Plus the seeds are not cheap either.

I have smoked it, myself.

I never recommend any strain which I don’t have first hand experience with.


My sister wants me to buy and grow it. What is it like and is it worth buying the seeds?

Purple haze and súper lemon haze are a massive yielders.

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Super lemon haze


I like Bruce banner.

Blue dream and sour D are next on my rotation.


Really like gorilla glue.

Sounds interesting strain, gonna have to look at it. As for the cost of seeds, just like anything else what are you going to do for some strains

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Gorilla glue is good


YaWazz… great looking. this hit for you

Gorilla Glue is a hybrid, so it will exhibit some couchlock effects. It is good for pain, though.

I still recommend Laughing Buddha, for a happy, trippy high. Tangie is a good sativa, too. Green Crack is delicious and makes me zippy and hyper, in my body and brain. Blue Dream is a Sativa dominant hybrid that tastes like a dream and gives a well-rounded high.

Durban Poison is one I haven’t actually smoked, but I have been using its terpene profile in tinctures and vape pens. It’s a feel good strain, for sure.