Which marijuana for my illness

A question from a fellow grower:

It turns out that the soil around here is not fit for growing anything, too much acid and crap in the soil.
So I have delved into outdoor hydroponics. Now I have the growing medium sorted, I need to find some appropriate seeds and are after suggestions.

I am chasing medical plants. I currently take a handful of medication for depression, anxiety and pain (ex-military) and suffer from PTSD.

I originally bought some Orange Bud and some Amnesia.

What I am after is two different lots.

  1. Something I can use when working at home, a sort of up but with enough THC for the pain. I don’t want the Uber Munchies or to be Couch Locked.
  2. And the second sort I want is for bed time. Something I can use to replace my sleeping medication, if you know what I mean.

I am looking into buying a vaporiser as I gave up smoking over four years ago and would not want to undo that.

Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I would recommend OG Kush for daytime and Orange Bud is good for daytime. Purple Haze might work for you during the day. And Super Skunk or maybe K2 for insomnia.

And of course check out all our medical strains and descriptions here:

Blueberry has always been one of my favorites as well. It is certainly worth looking into.

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This is a good thread I too suffer from ptsd depression and chronic pain as I was ran over by a unattentive police officer and was in a coma for a little over 3 months only to come out of the coma and find out that i will never walk again as I am paralyzed from the bottom of my chest down luckily I still have use of my arms and neck but my right shoulder was pretty much crushed so I have chronic pain all the time which constantly wakes me up from sleep my doctor prescribes me xanax and oxycontin also Zoloft I hate the way they make me feel so this thread is particularly helpful!! are there anymore strains that you guys and girls can think of that could be good for this situation? Thanks.

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Jack Herer, Amnesia Haze and Golden Leaf*** are very potent as well.

Thanks MacGyver I will look into them