Just a few questions or a lot ha ha

so im 26 years old and unfortunately im partially disabled beause of my right shoulder. ive been taking pain meds for quite a while and they have started to make me sick so ive decided to get my medical card. i have severe pain chronic migraines and nausea from the pain and i dont sleep because of the shoulder. so my question is what strain/strains should i check. i havent smoked weed in like 9 years so i really have a lot to learn i honestly dont want to smoke because i don’t need everyone knowing ive got weed on me. talking to someone would be great

thanks guys

Perhaps you could look into “Vapporizers”. there are several really nice models for sale online.
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Check these out. There are more, but I am throwing out suggestions off the top of my head.

I am sorry to hear you are in pain. I would suggest reading descriptions of the different Cannabis strains in the SHOP Buy Feminized & Autoflower Marijuana Seeds Online >> ILGM

This allows you to make your own judgement. I like Northern Lights. Indicas are better for pain. Perhaps “Blueberry”

Hope this helps.