Best marijuana for nervous and panicky people

A question from a fellow grower:

I tend to get very nervous, even panicky when smoking (or even not smoking) these days. Can you suggest a strain that is more calming, less tension, less strong perhaps?


You might want a strain high in CBD, this tends to take the edge off for a lot of people, kinda regulating the THC, maybe indica dominant strains might be best. I’d probably recommend blueberry, it is very calming and relaxing.


Love Blueberry!
FYI. Most folks do not realize this fact; If you grow or procure Sativa, that is not completely finished or was harvested early; You can get an extremely anxious affect. You will seem really uncomfortable for a few minutes. Best to recognize this in order to alleviate the anxiety. Hope this helps. :)t


I have same issue and I get chest pains sometimes on some strains.I’m looking for cbd strains with a 1:1 or higher ratio.CBD crews has many and there is one called Stephen Hawkings that has a 5:1 ratio of cbd to thc.
I’d like to try some cbd oil but I can’t seem to find any that is not made from hemp seeds.
ILGM needs to carry brand names for I would buy!!!

Brand name what? Our genetics are recognized by any cannabis growers as Mature, Stable OLd School Genetics. All the new strains were derived from these old strains. These are consistently bred to give the highest degree of quality.

Sorry Ed; Not sure you know what you are talking about.

I suffer from anxiety and depression and on medication. Want to stop the meds and use natural. Can anyone suggest a strain??? I also have hashimoto and fibromyalgia. The mental illness is worse than physical though.any ideas?? Tinctures, oil,
Thanks I’m new to all this

You will probably want to try tinctures and oils.

As far as the strains you choose, it is really hard to say as people react individually to a lot of strains.

I have friends that suffer from anxiety and can’t use sativa dominant strains as it makes the anxiety worse for them.

And then I have friends that have depression and can’t use indica dominant strains as it makes them more depressed and gloomy and more likely to stay home in the dark or sleep all the time.

Go with what is available and recommended for your ailments and you will probably need to try a few different hybrids until you get a good idea of what works best for you.

Good luck,



Hello and thanks for responding. I was recommended high cbd and low THC. Harlequin was recommended but can’t be posted to Australia. Would u know where I can get it from??

S Dennaoui

I like gold leaf its strong buy very relaxing to me its how long you let it flower also :sunglasses:

Hi, I have anxiety and some sativas I’m ok with, as long as the thc isn’t too high. I prefer hybrids. Some of my favs for my anxiety are Grape Stomper, Flo x OG, Tangerine Haze, Gorilla Glue #4, and Sweet Tooth. The worst strain for my anxiety that I’ve had so far was Moonshine Haze lol Never again :joy:


i find it depends on the strain, an indica strain such as a kush or cheese helps with my anxiety and allows me to easily relax however a sativa strain will make me 10x worse

I use Mango Tango to relax and became less nervous. It’s really working. You can read about this strain at Leafly or AskGrowers to learn more. I’ve just remembered. You can also try Lemon Diesel.


If you get anxious, go for Harlequin! It soothes you up. Any physical or mental agony you are in.


You cant go wrong it was far better smoke then,California dream and whitewidow.

Crystal candy xl was a really top tier relax high with just the right amount of feel good but still let me function

ILGM has some harlequin seeds. I’m growing her now and it is going very well. I like the genetics of her growing so far.