Strains for OCD and/or ADHD?

Could use some input from any OCD folks out there. Suggestions? Preferences? Indica seems like the way to go for a nice, calm evening. I’ve got OCD and pretty bad social anxiety. I need something that will calm me the f*ck down at the end of the day, shut off my racing thoughts/anxiety, and just zen me out before bed

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Do you like indicas or sativa dominant?
I have adult adhd and anxiety and my personal favorite is girl scout cookies. I think it’s a matter of preference. I like to stop my mind race but not be couch locked.

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Definitely indica. I like couch lock. I dont use during the day, because I work and go to school, but when I’m come out I’m just exhausted but i still cant shut off my brain. And then on weekends, it’s very difficult to focus on getting my needed chores and homework done. I fidget aaaaaall the time, and I HATE it. I need something that wont increase my anxiousness or cause my heart to race, but rather something that will bring me peace and calm. It’s very difficult for me to actually relax.

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If I do want a good couch lock I go for bubba or Hindu Kush. Currently I am growing code blue in soil which is 50-50 hybrid of faceoffOG x sandiego catpiss. I usually don’t go past 50% indicas but when I do it’s definitely bubba or Hindu

I didn’t ask but are you strictly flower or is wax or edibles an option for you? If so I would go with a good concentrate so I could load my system as fast as possible to try and overwhelm my symptoms. That’s just me personally when my anxiety triggers panic

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This seller has a selection feature that will find strains according the preferences you select.
BTW…running around the block/park/beach will help ease the constant need to fidget and stay wound up. 20 mins of quiet meditation will also help.


Yeah I know they do but it’s nice to get opinions from folks that have tried different stuff ya know? Also I’m a big yoga fan. I would lose my sh*t without yoga lol i cant fi anything hardcore like some of these chicks you see onYouTube, but the peace and quiet of yoga helps me unwind for sure