Would Like Help In Selecting My Next Strain


I could use some help in selecting my next strain to grow. This is a bit long as I figure the more relevant information the better. I wrote the following to ILGM support:

I am looking for advice on what strain of feminized seeds to purchase. I did join your forum, but see that as I have not made any replies, I cannot open a new thread.

Some relevant information:
I was diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder and persistent depressive disorder, each at levels qualifying for meds. I rely exclusively on cannabis and alcohol (beer) for medication. I only medicate in the evening (beginning ~6:15 to 7 and until I go to bed (around 10-10:30). I am a very young 64 years old.

In the absence of alcohol, I have a slight to moderate anxiousness with only cannabis, hence my beer drinking (5 beers which leaves me concerned, but this is “as good as it gets” - I have no concerns over my marijuana consumption, save lungs just a little).

My go-to strain is White Rhino. I vape that as well as Mango Haze which I will run out of eventually. I favor indica likely due to my anxiety issues. (I love White Rhino!) After a certain point, I am deeply relaxed and content and that is when I especially favor opting for a sativa. By this point, any marijuana-induced anxiety is not going to occur. So, I am definitely looking for a sativa high, including something that will pick me up a litte/slightly offset the indica “couch effect.” Also, I like the spacey and ecstatic sativa influence.

I wanted to get Pineapple Express as I had the occasion to have it once and very much enjoyed it.

If my information helps you (or anyone else) to have some ideas of which strain to buy, hopefully the advice will convict me on a specific strain of seeds and I can get the ball rolling.
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The response advised me to fill out a strain selector questionnaire:

Here’s my answers:

  1. Grows under my belt.
  2. Indoor
  3. Space: Average tent, room, or garden
  4. Heaviest stuff available

And it returned a ton of strains.

Anyway, if anyone has strain recommendations, I would love to hear them.


My favorite day time smoke hands down is Durban poison. Good Sativa. It’s my coffee. Cannot go wrong looking for a Sativa with Durban poison.


Godfather OG, but be warned it has up to 34% THC concentration. Indica

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A fan favorite around my house is Granddaddy Purple. Oh yeah Girl Scout Cookies is pretty sweet too.

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Thanks everyone!

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Growing that next, I can’t wait.


AKG around my house…


I have MS and anxiety also. I always need a pick me up other than adderall. My fav is Maui Wowie and Durban Poison and Bud Lite. :laughing:


At the moment, I am torn between Maui Waui and Trainwreck. I have to admit Trainwreck looks intriguing.

I went with Trainwreck and ordered 20 seeds.


Nice selection, for anxiety I would suggest a 50/50 hybrid or a slightly higher Indica ratio or an Indica strain over Sativa. @Fieldofdreams recommended 2 excellent strains that will work well for this :love_you_gesture:


Thanks. Like I wrote, I was looking for a complement to my indica choice - White Rhino.

But if I could only have one strain, it would be an indica.


I will be suggesting Cannatonic. It’s close to a 1:1 strain. I’m growing some for my wifey as I type for stress and anxiety issues. Hopefully it will be a day smoke that gets her home.

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