Help with anxiety

i have to drive every day , so cant get wipe out , have bad anxiety need 3 kinds that will help , with this anxiety , but can still drive , its my living cant quit work ,lol , p.s. thank you for your help vern.


@vern i use indica strains but i don’t drive alot and it doesn’t take much


@vern Cream and Cheese photoperiod from Seedsman. Smooth and relaxing. No big head high at all. 18%cbd 20+%thc grown perfect. Harvested my first 1 month ago. Just passed out samples to medical friends. It is a HIT"like my pun :grin:". Soon as 3x3 opens another goes in a 20 gallon pot. It is a keeper for our meds. Does NOT overpower. Solid smoke.


An option other than smoke, I just learned today, tried good gummies today. One 33mg candy feels real nice and doesn’t shake my nerves. I recommend it worth a try I hope


what kind of gummies , and what co. do you order from , thank you

They’re at the dispensaries here. 5mg and 10mg did nothing for me, too weak. I don’t know anything about ordering, online etc never have.


I see it says “Manufactured in California” lol sorry I’m not much help there, my friends give them to me so I never searched for them.

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I believe @JaneQP was speaking about low tolerance strains just the other day so I’d imagine she would know either strains or the perfect edible to get you through the anxiety. Best of luck!!! Thank you very much community!! :call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2:

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Thanks for the tag @Fatz1973 !

I cannot tolerate THC at all. I have been growing the real deal for two years for family and friends. This past outdoor run I grew a 13% CBD feminized hemp plant. We just harvested her two weeks ago. I did try a J and my anxiety and pain melted away. No weird mind trips. Google Trilogene.

I have tried CBD oil years ago but the price was outrageous. I have also tried the CBD freebies my husband would get at the disposal with success.

I will make some oil with this batch and see how it works. I’ll definitely be dropping another CBD strain next year.

The strains my daughter like for anxiety are Blue Dream and Skywalker. I grew one called Candy Cream for her this year but she is still curing it so no smoke or effect report yet.



Ive recently harvested my ILGM green crack and its working really well for my fiances anxiety and PTSD and my chronic tendinitis pain. We’ve made edibles and microdosed with them they worked great

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Thank you very much @JaneQP your information and knowledge is most appreciated. I’m glad I have a Blue Dream going right now then. I’m going to try growing the Amnesia Haze for my wife’s rheumatoid arthritis. Thank you again and I am very please how much you enjoy having a grandchild. In my experience Meme was the BEST!!! :call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2:


Got that tip on the Green Crack too @BigCat420 thank you very much. I’d have to imaging rheumatoid and tendinitis are similar since they both attack tendons and joints though in different ways. :call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2:

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For sure! Glad i could be of assistance. Also someone else said this strain helped acai kush gelato

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Good look brother I can’t wait to try all of these strains. Looks like I’m getting beans for Xmas :santa:t2: Thank you very much.

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