What strain is best for tics

hey guys just wanted to get some people’s opinion on which strain would be best for tics. I have mild to severe facial tics that have come and gone since early childhood. Severity increases with stress so obviously most strains help a little but was just wondering if anyone with a similar condition has looked into or done any experimentation with different strains.

I think it has more to do with what effect makes you most relaxed while still being fully functional? if the goal is to be comfortable and reduce stress a uplifting high or a relaxed couch lock?


Do you still need to work or get things done? Sounds like a through the day med @Swisha

Thanks for the replies. @bob31 Yes and yes

@Swisha I don’t have tics but are they considered to be muscle spasms?

I would have to go with two different strains. One of both of these: Sativa/ High CBD StrainsTrain Wreck or Chocolope and Higher THC Sativas something like AK47 or Amnesia Haze.

I would recommend picking one from each group and growing one or two of each. The AK and AH are more daytime ish, but the Chocolope and Trainwreck are also both Sativas with a higher CBD content!

Also ILGM recently started selling CBD Oil and it might be worth buying some of that while you are waiting for your grow.

Do you get MMJ where you live? @Swisha

@bob31 I sincerely appreciate all your help. I will defiantly give those a try. Unfortunately no MMJ here yet.
Just reread my post and noticed an autocorrect mistake. Damn phone. I will definitely give those a try. Not Defiantly lol

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ok I hear ya @swisha and you’re most welcome! @Niala has a pretty good handle on the medical uses maybe he will have some thoughts as well.

Thanks again @bob31. In my earlier reply I meant to say “I will definitely give those a try” not defiantly lol. Sorry if that caused any confusion lol. Also to answer your earlier question I don’t think they are considered spasms due to them being a symptom that is paired with my OCD. It’s more of a turret syndrome so I am not sure if those are considered more of a mental or physical symptom of that makes sense. Although it feels like both to me.


I didn’t even catch that @Swisha check out the Leafly website. Then click on strains and scroll down thru filters you will see add adhd as well as spasms and touretts is listed too. Then cross reference against what ilgm has. Happy to help you sort this out a little more but go look at Leafly and get back to me.

PS I just got the notification of your reply a few minutes ago. Not sure why but my apologies for not responding sooner

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@bob31 Thanks bud I really do appreciate all your help. I actually stumbled upon that website a couple weeks ago. Planning on making a purchase from both here and there in the future once I’m done with my current grow. Had another question for ya if you don’t mind slightly off topic. I’m currently interested in using a grow cabinet for my next grow. My current grow is outdoors but due to where I’m at I am only able to grow two plants at once. Not due to space issue more so for stealth reasons. I would also like to get a small indoor grow going but I have no room or closet I can currently use. Do you have any recommendations for cabinets? one that has decent yield capabilities for a decent price?

Sure @Swisha where in the world are you located? What sort of home do you live in? Are you looking for a stealth indoor grow? MJ Plants smell pretty strong in confined space and they need ventilation as well as a lot of light. I can certainly work with you to come up with a workable plan.

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