Renrut here looking for some direction

First time grower and i feel like i know i need some tweaking. Couple of my concerns…

-Problem single point leaves are spotting yellowomg/brown.

-Problem Cotyledons yellowing

-Problem soil seems to stay damp even though i feel like I’m not watering enough.

-I’m getting prepped to transplant to 3 gal pots in 4 days when the fabric pots arrive and move to my official 4x2 tent.

-I have 9 plants because i honestly didn’t think these things would pop…ha they did all of them!

-I have an outdoor garden as well. So i’m theory I was going to put recommended qty of plants in grow tent and the remaining outside…not sure how transitioning to outdoors go so that’s up for discussion.

-I currently have these growing in my bedroom literally on my dresser retrofitted with grow light, small oscillating fan.

strain: WW, Bubble Gum, Ak47

soil: Fox farm

pots: Small plastic

ph: 6.8

ppm: In water 27. Gave them nutrients one time week 2…recommended fox farm week 2 regiment. Ak47 single points started to twist so kinda of panicked. Halted nutrients, researched said since FF soil is in play plants shouldn’t need nutrients for a month. PPM was 600 when they got nutrients.

Indoor: with possible shift for some to grow outside

Light: 1000 w sunraise full spectrum LED 18/6 and 24” above plants.

Temp: Day 75-80…Night 65-70

Humidity: Day 45-55…night 55-65

Venting: None but have tent with venting ready to go.

A/C on house stays around 75 degrees

No CO2

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Normal. As they get adult leaves those die.

Probably got some water on them. The lower leaves do tend to die off, as they don’t receive the same amount of light.

Otherwise transition to the outside as long as the frost is done, everything else looks good.