Baby’s first grow.. help!

Gday I’m a first time grower, I found a pretty good Aussie grow guide and used their recommendations for the most part and have been successful until now my two bigger seedlings are developing yellowed lower leaves w brown spots.

  • What strain: Cotton Candy Kush feminised
  • Method:, Organic soil from Easy As Organics, mixed 70/30 soil/perlite
  • Vessels: seedlings in peat pots then transplanted pot and all into 25cm plastic Pots
  • PH of Water: I only started Ph balancing my water the last five days, I aim for between 6-7 pH
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable: no nutrients yet, I was advised the easy as organic s soil wouldn’t need nutrient feeding just pH balance the water
  • Indoor or Outdoor: indoor in grow tent 2m long, 1m wide 1.6m tall
  • Light system: HLG 260 V2 RED SPEC DIY LED Grow Light Kit RSPEC Quantum Board LM301H from Quick Bloom Lights Link
  • Temps; as it is coming into winter here I’m doing lights on at night 16/8 on/off, so they don’t get too cold in their “night time” with milder temps in the day. The lights on day time temp is usually between 25-30 Celsius, the lights off night time temp 20-25 Celsius. I have run a heater a few times when it’s dropped below 20 Celsius in the tent
  • Humidity; i try to keep it 50-60% humidity
  • Ventilation system; Yes, carbon filter from Harvemax, 6” fan and exhaust.
  • Co2; N/A

I’ve just turned the exhaust on in the last few days and added a clip on fan.
At first my little seedlings were looking great but the roots started coming out the bottom of the little peat pots I put them into the bigger pots, I didn’t remove them from the peat pots as the roots were coming out the bottom and the instructions of the peat pots said to just put them into the new pot without removing the peat pot. Since putting them into the bigger pots they have started looking very sad, any advice would be appreciated!

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I should also add, the sprouted seeds went into the pots on the 14th so they are 2 weeks old ish

Dont look too bad. Just a little transplant shock i think. Careful not to overwater and keep that ph on point and prolly be aight.

And fill in around them some… not too high tho, just keep that peat pot under

Thank you! I read on other topics of people recommending they take the peat pots out but I’m worried about the roots as they’ve already breached the bottom, will they be ok to stay in the peat pots? I’m really worried about the bigger plant it’s looking pale and the lower leaves feel crispy

I never took them off when i used them. I switched to mineral wool a few years back. I try neeeeeever to touch roots cuz its not good for them. I dont know how youd get them out anyway.

Hey… while im at it… you should be able to pluck those rite off.

Just pick the dying leaves off?

Yea, they will come off easy. Dont force it.