Setting up First grow need advice

I want to know what nutrients I need for some good results and what soil I should use and what size pots to achieve a yield of 4/5oz per plant dry.

I plan on growing indoor in a 1x1x2m tent using a extracter with a carbon filter
I will be using clones
Veg under a 400w MH bulb and flower under a 600w HPS

What’s your grow parameters SOG SCROG periodic topping LST? long veg short veg indica sativa? all of this will factor.
As for nutrients a go-box from General hydro, Fox farms or Advanced nutrients is your best start point. You will absolutely want a Ph meter Tds meter
Soil/soiless Coco all have advantages and for first grow coco may be a little tricky
try Pro-mix Hp or Sunshine mix#4 advanced if you can find it. These both are not actual soils but have good nutrient and moisture retention.

Pots are determined by your parameters.

I will be topping each plant Couple of times and will veg for about 4/5weeks. As for the strain I am not sure what type it will be due to using clones but Im hoping it would be some jack herer.

Would It be ok to use bio bizz all mix soil along with fox farm trio big bloom grow big and tiger bloom will I need any other nutes apart from this to get some nice juicy dense buds covered in resin I will be using 10/15L pots

Ok now you are talking more my language currently have 3 Jack herer in my veg room which are in 5 gal smart pots first topping and just transplanted 3 days ago at 6-8" tall and 4 tops already 3 weeks in from seed and nice and bushy :slight_smile: If you are starting from clone and they are Jacks start in smaller pots they will dry faster and in turn let you feed water more they are clones so your soil shouldn’t be too hot for them don’t feed for first week or 2 since bio bizz has a charge to it and you want to prevent nute burn. Fox farms will work good after the soil starts to cool only reason I suggested Pro-mix or sunhine is they have very low charge and you can feed sooner :slight_smile: Jacks are big plants so use a big pot for final transplant. If you start with Fox farms stick with them and look into their Cal-mag and micro nutes I am not a ff user AN GH is more my thing Jacks are big so if you go that route expect to fit 4 plants under your light unless you flip them very small although those 4 plants could yeild more than your goal. Keep in mind Jack is sativa and stretches 3-4 times once put in flower.

Hope some of this helps

Thanks for the advice appreciate it mate, Iv always been into jacks smoking some right now as we speak :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: what gallon pot would you recommend to finish them of in to achieve around 5oz dry and how long would you veg for?
Another question that’s been on my mind is when topping would u top 1 head then give it some time to recover or would you top a couple of heads also what other nutrient brand would u recommend that is simple and straight forward to get some nice frosty dense buds as I have little experience I sometimes think I am going in ther wrong direction

If you are looking for even growth you top highest sets first and since any damage to plants sets back growth a little this lets some of the off shoot branches catch up. I would go with 5 gal pots and lots of training and topping keeping the plant short and bushy is the goal since they will grow into trees given the chance mine are being raised to clone several off each let them recover. My goal is to have them 16-18" by the time I flip them with 8-10 main colas each easy 5-6oz plants with 2 month veg counting recovery from cloning from clone you will be looking at less veg time overall.
As for nutes save yourself some frustration start with a go box Both AN and HG have them they include everything from feed schedules to boosters and micro nutes. Since they are all same brand they chelate better. Don’t forget PH tester and ph up and down ph is as important if not more important than nutes .


I’m also starting my first attempt at growing indoors, 8’X10’ room with a 7’ ceiling, windowless, reflective material on all walls.
I have five Girl Scout Cookies that sprouted 12 days ago, in 8oz cups under CFLs.
I used commercial Miracle Grow potting soil mixed with Miracle Grow garden soil and added some of my own compost, PH6.0. All five plants are healthy and growing well.
I am watering with rain water, PH6.5-7.0 every 2-3 days and that seems to be working well.
In another week I plan to put them under 400W MH and transplant to 3 gallon pots using the same soil mixture.
I have been maintaining a temp of 77F and humidity at 45% (goes up or down a bit every day).
My question is: When should I start adding nutrients, how often and what ratio?
Is feeding through the leaves better than adding it to the soil?
Any suggestions?

Not a huge fan of miracle grow potting soil as a medium simply because it has time released nutrients usually and plays havoc with nutrient feeding schedules the package should have it’s N-P-K marked on it. For veg ideal is to have 4-3-2 kind of ratio npk but if it’s working for you thus far all good I like to use a bit of liquid karma during early growth but very light 1/4-1/2 recommended keep them in the cups until about 4 nodes then move to 3 gal use LK at 1/2 dose until they hit 5th node then start a regular feeding schedule at 1/2 strength (only if growth is slowing).
If your soil is time release your plant won’t actually need any food for most of it’s veg and feeding may cause nute burn so read those soil labels :wink: before anything.
As for your water keep an eye on it’s ph ideal is actually from 6-6.5 rightnow your soil is buffering ph so as soil gets watered more often it will start to change your soil and run off ph are what to factor when watering since if soil ph is low adding higher ph water will help balance and vice versa. Liquid Karma Flouralicious or Nirvana all good foliar feeds or seedling cutting feeds they have very low n-p-k but have fulvic and humic acid which promote roots and nutrient uptake with any of these use light doses on seedling at own risk. less is more


Thanks for that advice Donaldj.
I really hope this works out for me. I’m retired, live on a fixed income and can’t afford the commercial prices they’re charging out there. Pot has helped me tremendously with my pain and PTSD, which I was treating with bourbon, scotch and brandy until I discovered good weed…I didn’t like being a drunk. I like the pot buzz better too.
I take it that I should transplant into bigger pots using a soil with no added nutrients and start using a 4-3-2 ratio liquid fertilizer throughout the veg stage. (I’m thinking two months at least or 36")
I did lower my waters PH to 6.5 but don’t want to go lower until I see the affect.
Are you suggesting that I test my runoff waters PH level to get the true water/soil balance? If so, that makes sense and I can do that.
I understand “less is more”.
You people are a Godsend to us novices. I’ll be sure to pass what I learn on to others.


When you here growers talk about soil we are usually talking about soil less mediums Pro-mix HP sunshine#4 and the like they are a blend of perilite vermiculite spagnum moss not actual soil they have the same benefits in that they retain moisture and nutrients provide good airflow and drainage. They have little to no n-p-k basically enough to start a seedling into veg after which they are what you put into them promix Hp has Myko which is a bacteria that actually benefits roots in the uptake of nutrients. These to brands are very Cannabis friendly and work well with most nutrient and feeding schedules also beginner friendly since easily flushed and ph is usually right.
When you think of plant foods keep in mind much like you or I they are what they eat and if given healthy and specific diet tailored for them you get better results Advanced nutrients has decently priced nutrients start simple 3 part base nutrients grow micro and bloom Jungle Juice 3 Part Grow Micro Bloom | Advanced Nutrients for feeding schedule and doses go here they are same product :wink:
Trust me using right cannabis based nutrients pays off saves money and improves yields while not pulling your hair out trying to figure out how to treat this and that deficiency. As for Ph you are right that is what I was stating :slight_smile: try and float ph between 6-6.5 this will keep things fairly balanced some nutrients are more avail at 6.5 some at 6 so the goal is always somewhere in the middle with soil.
I don’t class my plants as starting veg until first 5 nodes which is when I start feeding 1/4-1/2 doses for couple feedings watching for any signs of stress then I start full doses same thing watching for signs of stress. I top and train at this size too so expect them to slow for day or so most veg based on the knowledge that their plant will get 2-4 times bigger during flower 2 months is good goal for first grow in veg. As you learn more you will be able to shave weeks off your veg by knowing when and what your plants want sooner.
I hope you enjoy growing as much as many of us do it is therapy in it’s own right expect mistakes and issues first few times they will only make you better.

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Day 18 from seeds grown in Miracle Grow Potting soils.
Do they need a feeding?
Run off water is PH6.8. I don’t have a TDS meter yet.


They are looking quite healthy starting thier 5th node on a couple now is when you would top for first time the colour is good and no signs of them needing a feed yet after topping give it few days to recover then add food 1/4 dose

I believe I’ve read everything on this site…some of it twice. Tell me if I’m on the right track.
No matter what medium I’m using, it’s mostly about maintaining the proper PH in both the water and the soil.
NPK for veg should be 4-3-2 ratio, Flowering should be more like a 3-4-2.
Don’t over water or over feed because It’s easier to correct mistakes.
Temp/Hum/CO2 go hand in hand
CFLs are okay for veg as long as the light penetrates the foliage.
400W MH is okay for flowering if it stays within a foot of the top without over heating.

Not necessarily, the NPK ratios. The K needs to be higher during flower, it is what powers your bud swelling and resin production. Maybe 4-3-3 for veg and maybe 2-4-4 for flower. Lucas formula and others are about 1-2-2 the entire grow.


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Correction my ph range is out should be 6.2-6.8 sweet spot is 6.5 my bad

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Day #18 since they sprouted. Transplanted to 3 gallon pots and watered in with PH6.5 rain water.
I haven’t topped them yet because I want them to have a couple of days in the new environment.
Good root system on both plants.
Still using my Miracle Grow soil mixture with my compost because I can’t find anything else locally. I’ll have the Pro-Mix before the next three plants are ready for transplant.

looking good and right choice to give them some time to recover I leave mine in cups little longer but a personal choice thing moved my solo’s to 1l other day and my 1l to 5gals

Okay, today I put #1&2 under 400W MH, 11/2’ above foliage. Temp jumped from 77F to 82F, at plant level, and is staying there with fans blowing. Without fans it goes to 84F.
Two questions:
Are MH and HPS bulbs interchangeable in the same light fixture with the same ballast?
When topping my plant for the first time, where should I make my cut? I’m going for four branches and plan to train them.

we also have guides on topping and training in guides section
You can inter change lights with some ballasts but not all so would depend on what you have for a ballast. Keep in mind hps is hotter it puts off more red spectrum and actually tends to generate more heat.
If you have just recently transplanted give your plant a few days before topping watch for signs of new growth then top :slight_smile:

Thanks for that link Donaldj. I read everything at least once and will go back and read it again before I do anything else.
I did Top my #1 plant today and LST on #2. I want to see the difference.
I checked my ballast and it has a 4 position switch for making adjustments. I might be good.
Also got my room temp back to 79F.