Ratio root to bud?

is the size of the pot and the harvest connected in any way?
what happens if my plant is muuuch biger than my pot…just water and feed more?

Yes, but it presents challenges in maintaining proper pH and PPM levels. Room for the roots to stretch out to grab water and nutrients couldn’t be more important. Yes, a larger plant will produce more bud, so larger root surface area = more and better bud.

I generally flip my girls at 8ish weeks and I always use 10-gal pots. I water every 4 days and feed lightly (1/4 to 1/3 FF recommendation) every other watering.


I know with regular house plants root bound is awful and unhealthy. I’ve got a peace lily that’s been trying to figure since it was given to me. Root bound so I potted up, apparently you can go too big too quickly too.

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You can grow a large heavy producing plant in a small pot. Just beware it may want to tip over haha.



did she grow all outdoors ?

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That is my dad’s first plant ever. He had some help obviously, but if he can do it I would say anyone can.


It was started indoors from solo cup to 1 gallon then transplanted outside at about 3-4 weeks from seed.


Here’s another monster in 3 gallon pot this is inside.

9 sq feet of scrog in 3 gallons of soil that was mixed about 50% with perlite so really only a gallon and a half is soil and a gallon and a half of perlite

And this is them starting in the scrogs
so you can see the buckets


Jaw on floor.


Nice… :drooling_face:

I’m hoping to achieve something like that with a mother plant that has been vegging since mid November… And is in flower since 2 weeks… Fingers crossed…

Do you water and feed more or just more often?

Taking up half the tent…

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absolutely root size matters!

You goona grow this in a 20 gallon pot?


If you want to grow trees you need to 50 gallons and up… 1500 gallon is not uncommon. Cannabis does not have a tap root… it has a root mat, so the wider you can make the mound the better. Typically 24 inches is plenty deep enough. Past 100 gallons suoer soil gets very expensive so I typically use native soil and augment it with compost and organic suppliments. Plus I top dress with organic material througjout the grow. Use clover as a cover crop for nitrigen fixing… add hay or compost once the clover goes to flower. Chop the clover and add some worms. Should already be there but the more the merrier!

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Probably not… But have you tried it?

I thought the more i veg the more buds…

But yeah it kind of makes sense that the rootsurface defines how much vegetative matter can be sustained.

That also means the max vegging time indoors is defined by the pot size, and I didn’t thought about it that way before…


Tell your Dad I know where to find Orange and Apple pickers when it’s time to harvest his tree, I
mean plant.


The bigger the root mass, the larger the feeding zone. The geater the feeding zone, the faster it can uptake water and thus nutrients! I mean these plants can get over 20 feet tall! I is only because people want small plants ( indoor ) that they grow so small. Otherwise the vast majority of original drug cannabis from the middle east area grow between 6 feet and 20 feet tall plus or minus :laughing:


I would never ever want to grow that honestly … I said kiddie pools… 100 gallon pots…

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And definstley I could grow an 8 footer in a 20 gallon pot might not be as bushy or as much weight but I wouldn’t know how to grow a tree that shape properly … so I’ll stick to what I jo but its doable

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I know that… nothing beats outdoors…
the terpenes
The high
The size
the harvest
Only down time are pests and environmental issues. But these variations are what gives it something more… IMHO

But you see as much as id like… I’m in no condition to grow trees atm.
so my new kink is indoors… It gets confusing considering my moniker😅

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Well a larger root mass means faster growth… this means you can get a wide short plant ready for scrog quicker than in small pots. You also have less issues with root bound plants. Im not suggesting 100 gallon indoors lol. But there is a big difference from a 3 gallon to a 10 gallon pot! Look for wide pots rather than deep. Others may have different thoughts in the matter so take it for what its worth.


Thanks for the advise… Much appreciated

I observed a significant reduction of growth from a certain size on… She also seems to stretch less than her younger clones which roots have almost colonized the pot.

Im very curious about the buds cause this is my first time I’m manhandling a plant like that… Nothing about her physiology is familiar to me…

I imagine every side branch will be full off upwards shoots that will turn into buds forming wall of buds along the side branches :drooling_face:
there is this voice in the back of my head whispering airflow…
Come one let me dream…
Or am i really going to end up with a thousand popcorn buds?