Start up info (pot, mix)

A question from a fellow grower:

I am a novice at this.

After the germinating and seedling stage, I was thinking of using 1 plant pot, and to change the light source for the different periods, vegetative to flowering.

I was thinking of using a 5 gallon pot (about 22 litre pot) for use during the vegetative stage and flowering stage. Coco-coir and perlite / vermiculite mix (what do you suggest about the 2 mixes) and using nutrients dissolved in water to feed the plant.

Your thoughts and suggestions would be helpful.

I would not ever use a 5 gallon pot from the start. The roots will grow straight to the bottom and waste over 1/2 the soil. Start in a 1 gallon - 2 gallon for veg. Transpalnt to a 3-5 gallon for flowering. Inside, there is no use in using a 5 gallon pot. PLant will finish before you can fill it up. Outdoors you may benefit from using a 5 gallon.

New growers think that bigger pots mean bigger plants and more yield. This is a MYTH! Proper grow techniques, and diligence produces better plants every time.

@latewood, I agree with the starting in smaller pots and moving up in size. Also, about using all proper methods.

What I am uncertain about is final pot size with indoor grows.

I am growing three of the ILGM Strawberry Kush strain in a coco / perlite blend. I am using 10 gallon smart pots.

The website lists that this strain will grow between 10" - 36" on the seed info.

I had to start flowering earlier than anticipated due to rapid growth. At two weeks into 12/12 Flower Cycle, two plants are already at 36", while the third is over 4’ tall.

I’ve had to fashion a different hanging system for my light, to move it to the top of my 72" tent. I’m in the process of getting everything into a trellis, to train the plants from getting too much higher.

Absolutely no complaints, and also speaks well of Robert’s genetics; however, do you think I would have gotten a plant over 4 feet tall in a three gallon pot? If so, it would definitely save me in floor space, under the canopy.

(I also Topped / FIMmed each plant twice. I count around twenty flowering buds at the top of the canopy, getting the majority of the light.)

I had a widow grow 58 inches in a 1 gallon transparent pot .

@yoshi, nice. I think, on my next grow, I’m going to try smaller smart pots, along with a Scrooge setup, and see if the added space helps with airflow without diminishing the final growth of the plants.

I think the best advice offered on the threads is that the best way to judge outcome is through personal experience and learning.

I’m tempted to try some Autos when “winter” is here. :slight_smile: considering that is about three weeks in February, when the temperature drops to a brutally cold 60 degrees outside. :slight_smile: It would be the perfect time to run a 24/0 or a 20/4 light cycle without concerns of heat buildup.

So just say I’m growing auto’s an just want them to do there thing I could harvest them out of 1 gallon an two gallon pots use 1 gallon on small plants an use too for the tallest ones I use grow bags so if I see the roots filling the pot up I can put in bigger bag right won’t this work I don’t care about what it yeilds right now cause I’m just getting into the in door growing I’m worried about drying an curing to bring at the smells an taste

this is one that was almost dead in hydroponic bubbler because my air stones wasn’t good enough so I put it in a 2 gallon bag an boy she is a fat little tree I don’t have a magnificent glass to tell when I need to harvest so any help cause I can’t buy anything else yet I have 800 dollars in this grow of 30 plants so far I pick thro the 30 baby’s an keep the fastest growing ones an pull the rest I need this stuff to be great not worries about yeild just quality any help I would be thankful

Yeah Lestat; I have been preaching this all along. I see no reason to use a 10 gallon pot.

Here is how you learn. I will put myself on the spot. Assuming you mean 1 plant per 3 different 10 gallon pots.

When you harvest; Remove the entire medium ball from your 10 gallon pot. Carefully work medium away from outer edges, starting from around the top, and see how much medium actually has roots growing in it. I am confident that you will find the roots concentrated down and mostly in the center of the whole thing.

Now: Advanced stuff. If you are growing a land race Sativa; Which can flower 14-16 weeks; You could possibly re-pot into a 5 gallon at some point, but you won’t have room for more than 1 or 2 in the tent.

I have in the past taken a harvested 3 gallon plant and place it right into a bag of Organic soil. You need a room for these options though.

I have always used no bigger than 3 gallon in tent for soil, and 5 gallon bubblers for hydro. I do have tubs too, but I am getting off track. One day, when I get my new shop/studio finished; I will show you guys all my elaborate collection of 100’s of pieces and parts I have played with over the years. Peace


I think you will do just fine like that. Great idea. Then if you find that the plants were too much root bound, you can go to a 3 gallon option later. All the while saving money on pots, medium, and nutrients. Later

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Thanks man but yea I pulled one up an the roots was in mostly in a ball an it could have been in a 1 gallon pot instead of the five gallon so I got 1 an 2 gallon bags an going with that it’s how u take care of them that gets them to grow I keep my ph an ppm right on now that I got both meters after u told me about them a while back an I love the small pots I have more room to full up my tent I’m pushing it a little but am trying to get a 1000 watt light the light an the food is where it’s at I have seen that u have learned me alot by reading what u tell people.
So tell me how to cure my buds to maximize my smell an taste how do these big medical pot stores dry there’s I want to have it all to let my buds be all they can be

@latewood, I definitely plan to use smaller pots, even though the 10 gallon has been great. My desire to do this is to see what the different yield may be.

Suffice it to say that Robert has me sold on his strains. The genetics are beyond belief, imho.

Being that I am still new at this, I wish to maximise the end result. That will take different grows.

The one thing I can honestly say is that I vastly underestimated the size per plant. This is a good thing.

In future grows, I plan on using no more than two plants in my 1 sq mtr scrog. I may even try a single plant. If plant size in 5 gallons are the same, all the better. :smile:

The one thing that should be noted. If I bring these three to successfull harvest, I am tempted to try a winter grow of WW Autos, as winter here equates to 6 weeks of temps in the high 60’s to low 70’s. This would allow me to not worried about temp. The tropics suck. :smile:

Thanks again for all of your helpful advice. I will keep everyone posted.

Kevin :slight_smile:

Well as far as curing; You have to cut the limbs off and hang them up on a wire in a cool dark area, with some mild air circulation. (1 oscillating fan, NOT blowing directly on the harvest) Just leave them hanging there until they seem really dry and the limbs “SNAP” when it is dry enough. TYhe inner part of the buds are generally still wet at this point; So we place buds in a paper bag. Thiis allows the inside of bud to dry, and allows for a balance throughout the buds.

After whole bud is completely dry 3-5 weeks, depending on humidity. A small room dehumidifier, will help out a lot if you can afford to add it. This will also help during grow to keep humidity in the optimum range

Great to hear that you did my test, and found the truth. :smile:

I would steer clear of a 1000 watt in a tent, but if you can handle the expense of a top notch exhaust system, I guess you could get away with a 1000w lamp.

I have a couple, and I opted for the a New IPower 600 watt sw. digital with air cooled hood instead.

Both you guys are doing fine. You are a bit lucky. I spent 100’s building things and experimenting throughout the years. Getting started with the right equipment in the beginning will cost you so much less in the long run.