3, 4, 5 which one will provide best yield in my situation

Hey guys it’s been a while and I’m about to start another grow but I’m having to downsize to one plant because Imo I feel like I’ll get more yield if I do one plant and upgrade pot sizes. I originally grew in 3 gallons since there autos but was wondering if I went up to a 5 gallon would that make the height increase much cause i only have a 5’ tall tent and can’t seem to find 4 gallons ( local and online) besides smart pots and I wanna stick to original plastic but I can’t seem to find 4 so I’ll settle for 5 if it will stay below 4 feet

If you are growing autos I’ve read that 3 gallon is the best size for indoors.
If you are growing a photo period plant them 5 gallon would be the minimum you would want. Be sure to put a bunch of holes in the bottom and also up the sides of the pot to help keep the roots from becoming root bound.
If you LST or fim you should be able to keep them under 4’ tall.


Good answer @Jmesser80!


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POt size has nothing to do with how tall your plants get. It allows the plant to be wider and produce more roots which means more buds.

The size of pot is not what you need be concerned with. I advise you to read up on SCROG method since you have very limited headroom. :slight_smile:

FYI Autoflowers max pot size = 3g
Indoor regular and feminized seeds 5-8 gallon max size pot. Any bigger is a wasrte of medium and space. I use 5 g smart pots transplanted from 1g nursery pots. See my stressless transplanting topic in GrowFAQs. Happy growing, lw