Best pot size for HIGHEST yield?

I watched this one video of this guy growing HUGE cannabis plants that harvest around 10-15 pounds. These were planted in the earths soil so the roots had a lot of space to grow. I can only grow indoor and was wondering what size pot would be best for auto flowers. I was thinking 7 or 11 gallon smart pots. Because of legal reasons, I am only allowed to grow 4 plants and want to maximise yields. I’m fairly new to growing and will start with autoflowers and then move onto feminized seeds.

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5 gallon fabric pots good size for indoor autos .


Agreed. 5-7 gal. Any bigger and chances are you will be finished with the grow before it fills up the pot.


I have a Auto in contaminated soil which has been very entertaining to grow. She is in a 5 gallon bucket filled about 1/2 full.

Now I am changing out to 15 gallon fabric pots and I have a nice Lemon Haze Auto in it. The brand new FFOF soil killed off a few seeds since I don’t have a buffer soil like Happy Frog and this needs to be corrected. As I don’t think the LH is going to deplete the nutrients in the FFOF soil.

Awesome. I’ll use 7 Gallon Pots.

Id love to get ahold of those genetics. Only tried 1 breeder for auto flower and all of them (3 strains) went into flower like clock work on the 30th day above ground

Despite how big the pro’s get their autoflower plants to be, bottom line is. Autoflower- little, fast
Photoperiod- larger, slow
I’m new but this is what I have gathered, take it with a grain of salt since it is meant as food for thought.
Depending on your light and your space it might be cheaper to do auto’s in 3 gallons. The likelihood of an auto filling the root space let alone consuming all the nutes in said space is lower then the likelihood of a huge yielding auto. That being said if you plant 3 auto’s in smaller pots using the same 7 gallons of soil you increase the likelihood of not only having one of your plants be that covered “big auto” allowing you to toss out the other 2 and give your full attn to this bigen but also the likely hood of a bountiful harvest regardless of how big your plants get. Again light, space and environment all play a role alongside genetics but if you only plant one seed, you only get one plant. Grandma might say, don’t put all your eggs in just that one basket. I am useing 5 gals for auto’s and am on my first grow. Next week I order a bigger light fans and tent, but smaller pots. Auto’s are like being in the accelerated learning classes. Moves quick. Hope I helped and If I’m wrong, someone will correct me and we will both learn.