Pot Size to Start

I want to know what size pot I should use for Auto Flower. I do not want to have to transplant from start to harvest . What SIZE should I use ?

Also I ws thinking of using a MAXWELL House coffee container. Being a AUTO Flower seed and Only 10 to 12 weeks of grow time. I should not have to transplant I hope.

3-5 gallon. Most (myself included) prefer fabric pots and they are generally very inexpensive.

3 gallon should be just fine for an Auto if you’re growing indoors, though if you have the room there’s no reason not to use a 5 gallon. Certainly wouldn’t bother going larger.

Coffee container would not be ideal for several reasons, particularly for a first grow.


I would use 3 to 5 gallon fabric pots and or buckets with holes drilled in the bottom.

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Welcome… I would use no smaller than 5 gal. Allow for maximum growth. :wink:
Happy growing…


Not a maxwell house container
Just no

5gal fabric pot


I’ll chime on with others, 3 or 5 gallon fabric pots relatively inexpensive both Amazon and Walmart’s web sites sell them around 15 or 20 bucks for 5 of them. Really hard to over water them, and they are light weight so easy to move around


If it helps, here is a link to the 3 Gallon I currently have my Gelato Auto in. Photos are getting run in 5 gallons I sourced locally.


EDIT: PS, pot choice is the easy part. Do you have a good plan for soil, watering, nutrients, lights, etc…?

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Thank you. I think a 3 gal.will be fine with my Auto Flower seeds. I am going to try to do 3 plants at a time. My outside plants are doing fine. Never added NOTHING but water and they are kicking . I have my Lights for inside grow but have never did the Auto Flower. So many people and So Many state SO Much to put in the soil etc. Man its a weed. Cant need to put all the ------ in my soil. Plant , water , and harvest . Is there any simple thing I can put in my soil to help the plant grow ? I just want to keep everything Simple. Thanks again brother.

@showdog Yea I feel ya! It’s overwhelming to know how to keep it simple….but the answer to this question IS going to rely on the soil you’re using….if you don’t know this then trial and error or soil tests man…it really is that simple

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True it will grow with just water but if you want to help it be the best it can it’s going to need some food at some point…


Its a weed, and it may grow successfully without extra care through its lifecycle, but… You’re investing in this for an intended outcome. Without extra care (proper lighting, water / feeding, etc…) the outcome will not be what you want…

If you’re investing time and money then its worth doing properly in my humble opinion.

If you want to just water and see what happens, by all means, go for it. If you want some very solid advice to get a good healthy harvest I would suggest starting up a grow journal in this forum. It will be a great way to track your own progress, and you can get someone to follow along in a mentor role to give advice on everything from your set-up to problems you may experience along the way.

Not trying to apply pressure, but lots of great people here that can help you get a great harvest as opposed to a path that may not even get you to harvest let alone a halfway decent yield.

Also worth keeping in mind that you’re taking this plant out of its natural environment (earth and sunlight) and putting it in a completely different environment. All of those things that naturally occur in the ground need to be re-introduced in one way, shape, or form to your grow space.

Hope this doesn’t come off as challenging, just some food for thought. :slight_smile:


Fabric pots for sure. I have 3 gallon brown ones but wish I’d gotten 5 gallon green ones to blend in better and make them more stable. A couple of my 6 ft autos have blown over.

Wow. I am about to grow Auto Flower. But I was told 8 to 10 weeks and then Buds. No Way the Plant will Grow 6 foot tall in 10 weeks. I just want short etc and to get 3 or 4 Ozs.from a plant I will be happy. 3 foot tall in my home in 10 weeks will shock me. Either way I am going to wing it. I will post updates. Thank you and all for info.

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When you see listings with timelines, they are typically weeks of flower.

Autos go by their own timeline, but expect “roughly” 4 weeks of vegetative growth then 8 or so weeks in flower. Seeds with a stated 8-10 weeks means 8-10 in that flowering stage.

The first 2 weeks of flower is when you will see them “stretch” with a bunch of upward growth and the balance of the time they will be building and stacking buds.


Yes, my blue dream autos are at week 14 and 6.5’, with no end in sight. ILGM looking into possibility of incorrectly labeled seeds…

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I am on my first grow and have 4 autos of different strains and am using 3 gallon fabric pots. I regret not being in 5 gallon pots and will use them next time. This is primarily because of low stress training and having more room for it in a 5 gallon pot. I am running out of ways to tie the plants down!

Check out the ultra oxy pots not expensive and super easy to clean compared to the fabric pots. I like fabric but i think these oxy pots and ultra oxy pots work great and will.be a breeze to clean


My current grow is Gelato Autos, in 3 gallon fabric pots, in soil. In retrospect I would go with 5 gallon. Been flowering for a week now and they’re drinking lots of water.
Indoors, 4x4, 2-HLG RSpec 260 XL V2 LED.

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How old are your plants? I have 3 LSD autos going and they are 5 weeks and I am disappointed. I think I’ll stay photoperiod. I am growing 2 photo’s and they are almost 9 weeks and starting to flower. Here is a group photo.