How much longer do they got

i have a plant veging for about 5 mo.s about 2 wks ago i transfered it to a 5 gal pot from a 3 gal pot i cant fit a 10 gal pot in the closet the plant is currently growing like crazy drinking about 1-1/2 gal water every other day i was wondering how longs she got till i shouldnt pospone flowering due to her pot size i would like to pospone and let her veg more but dont want to lose out?

It depends on how much bigger you want the plant to get. Keep in mind, the plant will grow about another third its size after you force flowering and you don’t want it outgrowing the room it needs to finish in.

ok how will it grow, up till now ive super cropped her shes very bushy big full canopy if left untouched on that 20-30% will she keep growing out or up ?
and as far as how big well i would want her to get well id like her to produce as best & as most she can w/o giving her another transplant there are time schedule limitations ive got another 3-4 wks till id have to flwr due to time limitations? my lighting is only about 190 watts of cfls for her if i wait the 3-4 wks ill have 100w cfls and 140w led
up till now she was drinking about a gallon a wk sometimes 2 with this new r/o water and the good nutes she immediately started drinking over a gallon every other day (even though the temps r the same and the humidity went up about 10% lately)

I’m not sure I’m understanding what you are asking as far as you time line is concerned.

Where does the figure 20-30% come from?

If you are talking about the plant growing another 1/3, that is 33%.

The plant will grow in all directions it can, mostly stretching towards the light of course. The size it will continue to grow in flower is dependent on so many different factors, but the biggest being the strain and your personal experience with it in your type of grow. Training and other factors will have a whole lot to do with how or where it will grow.

Out growing the size of your room means growing into the light where you can no longer raise it higher than the plant and you end up getting maybe burnt plant parts where it touches the lights, or filling the room so much that there is crowding of the leaves and buds so that you have a higher chance of developing mildew.

Maximizing the plant’s potential is balancing these growth factors for the size of your room and keeping the plant as healthy as possible through the entire grow.

what im trying to ask mainly is on the 5 gal pot how much can i get out of it, the info i need in this is in order to judge these other facters youve mentioned because if i use the 5 gal pot to the max in veg then shell lose out in the stretch period of flower like i feel ive done w/the other clones
who r still in 1 gal pots and didnt seem to stretch much in 1st 2 wks of flower like the mother did however in this grow as u know there were many other factors that couldve been the culprit 4 that
i need to know about how much can i get out of the 5 gal from 3 gal 2-3 wks ago


I still don’t understand what you are asking. During flower you will not get a whole lot more root growth.

does that mean i t would be good to veg in a pot till the roots come out a lot and then flower in the same pot or do u have to flower before that unless u change the pot?
in veging we know so when the roots come out the bottom then u transplant ok but now we cant transplant so…

in other words when should 1 start flower cycle when the deciding factor is dependant on the pot size?
if ya got more time to veg w/o losing out so youlle do so in order to get more yield in the end as long as theres no overcrowding right?
in other words how to get the most out of your plant when you know you cannot transplant anymore.

I think you are over thinking it. Veg it until it fills just a tiny bit more than half the room, or if you are training it with scrogging, it spreads out and fills the entire room’s width and depth and start flowering when you still have about half the height of the room, that way even if the plant doubles its size it still won’t run out of room. Knowing that it will only grow about a third and not double its size means you can let it grow until just a little more than half the room is taken up, if you get my drift.

Even in the wild in unrestricted space, the roots will rarely go more than a foot deep, a few strains may go up to about a meter deep (a little more than 3 feet), and not a whole lot more than about 4 feet wide. In a well aerated soil mixture I’m sure both the vertical and lateral growth of the roots can well exceed these dimensions but the point is you don’t need the root system to be bigger than this for the plant to get much much bigger than this.

I would be concerned that I was trying to get a plant larger than my lighting capabilities.

You are going to have this wide bulky plant and below average to average lighting.

Your grow space should not be bigger than the amount of light you have for coverage per square foot.

Since you have a couple lights coming; You may end up alright, but you are planning this massive yield, but do not have the lighting to pull it off. I would flower nowl Or as soon as I got my 2 new lights. And I would make sure I use one light as a side light; Whhile the other is overhead. this will increase your under-foliage 3 fold.

What Latewood said is correct. Everything I stated is assuming you have enough light for your square footage.

oekee dokey here goes
for future grows if this is my lighting capacity what would be the best way to use it and grow w/o over shooting so much like i did?

ebb and flow. popsicle clones. root, then veg 2 weeks, then flower for 6-12 weeks depending on pheno.

Or SOG…Kind of the same thing.

Popsicle clones are a good example of root size not needing to be very big and still have a big plant, a barely rooted cutting “top” that turns into one big central cola only kinda plant.

An ebb and flow table with popsicle clones or a sea of green of many tiny planters with a bunch of small plants or a screen of green with only one plant but all its tops trained into a level canopy – so that under the canopy it looks like a martini glass shape or those trees on the African savanna that have been trimmed that way by the herbivores and giraffes – all are doing the same thing, you basically divide your square footage into square grids, each grid having its own “top” growing, so that many “tops” are all creating a level canopy and so all the tops get equal light.

Yup and what Latewood said.

Personally I’d do one 5 gallon bucket deep water culture with the ScrOG.

The easiest for a beginner that doesn’t have a lot of experience with a lot of extreme super cropping and training might feel most comfortable with the SOG and just a whole bunch of small plants pruned to have one main cola with supporting large fan leaves.

WHAT r popsicle clones?
i know what a regular clone is
i know what moster crop clones r

They kinda look like Popsicles because they are pruned like I said about the numerous small plants, a kinda long skinny trunk with just a large cola and its supporting large fan leaves on top.

I’ve also heard them called lolly-pops, same idea.

hey actualy 1 of my current soil clones i did that its just 1 big cola & big fan leaves it was actualy an experiment to see what would happen if i cut off all the branches i have another clone i did just the opposite grew only the branches and cut off most of the bottom cola leaves leavig the upper ones and then ended up supercropping the cola to make an even canopy then eventualy just supercropped those braches all together now i have a canopy filling the whole 2x2 growing space just that my lighting is what it is so i understand after these updates that i would probably get the same amount of herbs in much less time and work with the above methods for the lighting set up that i have as well as the hydro set ups ill start dwc just cause thats what i already have and its easiest i saw some vids on ebb n flow they look more comlicated id get comfortable growing and w/easiest method then upgrade to ebb n flow
i was wondering if any of u have ever tried a growing anything w/12/12 from seed

although i realy see the benefits of ebb n flow in being resistant to root rot a very big plus, water chillers r very expensive and lossing a crop from a heat wave would b heart breaking also many plants in sog being fed by ebb n flow much easier maintenece but in the mean time my 6 gal reserviour for 5 lollypop plants would take care of that as 4 root rot ive got 2 air stones the long stick shaped ones im hoping to b ok with a clip fan an intake fan and a vent fan in a 2x2 and 5ft high tent and puting the light cycle at night while the sun isnt shining

i heard aquashield and sm90 are great against and to cure root rot but they dont sell it in my country if u know of an equivelant to do the job let me know and if its something a dwc grower should have on hand