What size pot should I use

What size pot does everyone recommend. I am growing indoors in tent and in soil. Would you recommend fabric 7,5, or 3 gallon containers?

If it’s a photo fem strain then 5-7 gallon is good. If it’s an auto you can go with a 3-5 gallon.


So basically a 5 gal will work for both? :slight_smile:

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Indeed it will.

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I use 7 gallons for photos and 5 for autos. More roots = bigger plants which in turn means more bud


great. Thank you!

Also depends on how long you plan to vegg for… :wink:


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And how big your tent is. Nothing worse than outgrowing your tent. Your top-most buds get burned, you have to chop the best bud off. You have to move outside and screw up the photoperiod. etc

4 x 8 x 80" So I think I should have plenty of room for 5, do you agree?

I want to veg for as long as I can to get the most so we will have to play it by ear I guess?

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I am in a 4x6 room and I am using 5 gallon and room is crowded scrogging 4 plants

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Isnt there room to put 2 pots next to each other front and back?

A scrog takes up much more room. In a tent that size u can grow 10 plants. Just depends on how u plan to train. If u r going to veg a long time 5 might b a good limit

Thank you. I am new to this. My friend did this many many years ago but things have changed so much since then. Any suggestions where to buy a good scrog. I may have to make one myself but im not into it right now. What size openings, 6 x 6 ??

You can buy a net the one I got has 3 1/2” holes.



That looks cool. I have a grow tent 4 x 8 so I do not think that would work but you gave me some ideas. Thanks

The purpose of a scrog is to have 1 plant fill the screen. What u see Ernie doing is more a sog but not a traditional sog at that.
My space is around the same as yours. I have a 6x4x7. I have a scrog in mine that I put whatever plant I think will produce the best. Again the idea is to get 1 plant to fill it.
I will tag u on my room build so u can see what I mean. But in my 6x4 I do 6 with a sectioned off work space and my scrog is 4x2. So 5 plants share the rest of the space and I have no space issues with good size plants. 2 of those plants are autos and don’t take up as much space.

I don’t like tall plants so I do a lot of LST and knuckling. So it really depends on the training u plan to do as well.

Plan on a lot of the right kind of light m, good soil and a cheap fan and u have a great start.

Can I ask 1 question with a very long answer. What exactly in detail do I need. From plants to pots to soil to nuts, lights, fan, filter, co2, etc… if you want me to list what I have already just ask me… I am not planning on growing a lot. More for personal use and a little for friends. I have GL fem and Blueberry auto and 1 from some unknown stash I am growing right now…

That’s a large grow room for not planning to grow a lot. What do u consider a lot?

Soil. Anything MJ specific. Some are fox farms, roots 420, nectar for the gods, and promix

If u choose pro mix u will need veg nutes. Any of the others have enough charge to take u thru veg. Although U plan on vegging for a long period so I would suggest u transplant with new soil half way thru veg and your soil will have a full charge

There is also a pretty cheap soil u can get in any hardware store called black and gold and it works well

Most do not use MIracle grow it tends to change the taste and not for the better (and they are publicly against their products being used to grow MJ so F^ck them)

Nutes. U will need at least the basic bloom nutes. Some common ones are Advanced Nutrients, nectar for the gods, remo nutrients, hydroflora, General hydroponics, and a ton more

Cloth pots. Auto flowers 3-5 gallon
photos 4-6 they self prune and make it hard to over water. They also fit well together in a tight space

Lights. That’s a loaded question. Depends what u want to spend and what your preference is about heat cost to run yield cost to purchase.

Meters. Ph meter. Ppm/tds meter. Thermometer w/ humidity

Catch basin for under your cloth pot. Use some type of rack so it doesn’t sit in the run off water

If u r concerned about smell u will need a carbon filter your choice size

I’m sure I have forgotten a ton of stuff but my preferences on the big guns are

Lights. Led (40 true watts per sq ft. 4000k lumens in veg and 2700k lumens in flower)
Soil either roots 420 or nectar
5 gallon pots for everything except clones 7
Nutes either advances nutrients or remo
Filter. I use a can air 8” Bc our spaces are pretty large

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the info. I am planning to grow 5 plants.
I have the following:

7 gallon fabric pots

using organic seed starter potting mix

starting them off in 5" cow pots. the ones made from cow manure

then I have happy frog to fill the 7 gallon pots to place the 5" into… https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61cAZ3LnFSL._SY90_.jpg

Lights… 3- dimgogo led 2400w… using 450 watts of electric

filter… just got 6" x 24" carbon filter scrubber https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51qtjJrdCxL._SY90_.jpg

Fan with temp setting 351 CFM https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41svLNXomyL._SY90_.jpg

advanced nutrients… a + B sensi grow and sensi bloom

voodoo juice, big bud, b52 and overdrive Amazon.com

advanced nutrients cal-mag https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41zyj8rIoOL._SY90_.jpg

Humbolts golden tree https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41FT8pDR-VL._SY90_.jpg

Humbolt secret base https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/5129hQJtLcL._SX90_.jpg

Can you explain to me about changing the soil??? 7 gallons seems a lot to change. Nutes wont help?

Also, how much and how often do I water? both in 5" pots and 7 gallon. AND… when should I place the 5" pots into the 7 gallon pots?

Thank you for your help…and anyone else may chime in at anytime :slight_smile: