Auto flower pot size question

I’m not too far off from starting some autos. I kind of like the cloth pots. What would be a minimum size pot? Also what size is recommended? My grow room is only 4’ high so I do have to keep that in mind. Thanks in advance for the advice.

3gal will be OK but I recommend you the 5 gal one :+1:

@M4ur. Sounds reasonable to me. I appreciate the info.

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I just ordered some 3 gallon aeration pots purely because of space restraints of a 3x2 closet that I will be using. Will be my first grow.Good luck !!

I use 7 gallon fabric pot on my autos and haven’t pulled less than 6 oz off each. Remember, more roots = more bud


I only have a 3x2 area. I’m hoping to get 4 plants going and be able to scrog it.

That’s too many plants. You should just vegg one for a couple months and fill screen up. 4 plants in a scrog would be a hassle

I agree with @HornHead , my first scrog in 3x3x5 tent was a real pain with four plants, I also plan to grow autos this winter, only two. I have 5ft of height to deal with so I used 5 gal fabric pots and I will reuse them, but I think with autos, 3gal. would work fine, from what I have read.

Not in a 2x3. You can do one…maybe 2.

2 will likely move outside when they go into flower.At least that was my thoughts.

If you use a pot that is too big for the plant or seedlings you can get root rot or lack of oxygen as the plant won’t use all moisture available in pot. Its a balance between size of plant and size of pot. I use a small plastic cup for after germination then move to a bigger pot. Be careful when transplanting as can cause shock. I hope it help’s.

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@PetesCloset Got them started yet?