Questions on drying process?

So I am about to harvest and really don’t want to mess this up. Ive seen posts from people who have struggled with bud rot and such. Any info would be great. It seems pretty straight forward as far as temperature and humidity. My plan actually is there’s a 2 ft wide area between my 4x8 tent and the rooms wall. Ive sealed off the ends and I’m going to hang it all there and pull air from one side to the other. It’s a big enough space I can hang it all spread out pretty good. I’ve already checked and the temp and humidity there is good I think. As is it’s 72 degrees and 48 percent. I can adjust as needed but to my understanding that should be good. I would like to hang it all in my 4x4 but because I’m not going to be able to chop all the plants at once I can’t do that. So using the space as I described is my best scenario I think. Any thoughts?


Too dry. You want to dry for 10-14 days @65% rh
As far as preventing rot and the like. I recommend a budwash.

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First, congrats on the impending harvest!

My best and biggest suggestion is to bud wash when you harvest. Whether indoor or outdoor, a wash is the best way to kill any potential mold spores that are in the air or around your buds before they have any opportunity spread, take hold, and destroy your hard-earned harvest.

I personally use 5gal of water and 1 cup of drugstore quality hydrogen peroxide (think $0.99 bottle of peroxide from Walgreens) to wash my buds. That kills off anything that might have been there. It also rinses off any pet or human dander, debris, hair, sneeze bacteria, dust, whatever. You’d be surprised what comes off.

@MeEasy has a nice budwash chart/diagram/picture.

It’ll be a little warm but should be okay. The warmer it is, the higher the risk of mold growing. Too hot and humid is a recipe for rot. If you can get the temp below 68° and get the humidity between 50-60, you’ll have an easier time prolonging the dry without introducing rot. 60/60 is the rule of thumb around here, but I personally find that impossible (it’s a desert, I can only pump so much cold and humid into it).

Yep, exactly.

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I am amazed at tjhe responses on this…I think you will be ok at this temp and humidity…

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Agreed. I think it will make the dry quicker - I think it’s a matter of “doable” versus “optimal.” At this stage in the game I just throw my plants in my shower and pray. But I remember being super new to growing and trying hard to nail the specific parameters just so I knew which rules I could break.

Skipping the wash is the rule I won’t ever break. I did that once recently. Deep regret for those 16 grams of moldy bud.

So the budwash. Mix it as you said and then spray the buds with it when I harvest and hang?

Thanks for the tag Ms Gray :grin: here’s the bud wash illustration from two different places. I personally have only used peroxide water to wash but I’m an indoor farmer and don’t wash often

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Question about this bud washing you posted. I’ve seen some use the h20+h202 then in another use lemon+bs. My question is does it matter how it’s mixed? Because yours uses bs then lemon+h202. Getting close to harvest and I’m just wondering if you know which way is best? If not no worries :+1:t2: @MeEasy

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Lemon and BS or lemon and h2o2 - either way is fine. just don’t do h2o2 and baking soda or you’ll have a chemical reaction in your bucket. Personally I would dip and swish in a bucket of water w/ lemon & baking soda, then a dip and swish in a bucket of h2o2 water, then a final rinse of plain water.


Mix, dip and swish/swirl around.

Thanks for the assist @MeEasy :v:

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I’ve only used peroxide water like twice so I would definitely go with what @Graysin recommended. I just saw those illustrations and downloaded them to share, the bottom one even says where it came from

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Thanks I appreciate the reply @Graysin

I go with a 3 part wash.
1st) 5gal ro water 2 TBLSP B.Soda and 3 TBLSP Lemon Juice
2nd) 5 gal RO 2 TBLSP- 1 QUART 3%H202. I say this because you can also use this method to wash P. Mildew off buds but want a much stronger solution. TBH if it had mildew on it Id throw it away before even attempting to wash it. The H202 will kill or at least damage any spores of molds or mildews that for sure landed on your buds during the grow. Unless you have a heppa filter cleaning your air before it enters your tent, there is mold spores attached to it…lotsa other dust, fly wings etc also.
3rd) 5 gal straight RO or distilled water for rinse. Drip dry then into the tent 7-14 days! I took pics of my last wash buckets after 4 plant harvest if you wanna see link below.

I dry at 50% and 75 deg @JustGrowIN_0NE and I want my buds crunchy dry by the time I put them in jars with 58% humidity packs for long term storage. I live in a real humid area in NC so I use 58% instead of the usual 62%. I’ve got 5 month old Trainwreck that will wreck you for sure. I learned by trial and error what works best for me.