Help drying please ,fresh harvest with humidity concerns

Hey guys just cut down 12 plants yesterday afternoon and I bud washed 8 of them, they are all currently hanging upside down all whole plants properly spaced apart in my 4x8 tent with my infinity exhaust running at 3 and my intake a little lower not blowing on anything. No circ fan operating but in tent if needed. No lights on either lol

My question is that my current situation is as seen in pic, temp 68 and humidity 73-76. I’m told humidity should be lower but considering I just cut and hung wet this seams normal to me, should I wait to see if humidity comes down in next day or so? Or should I put dehumidifier in tent already? I’ve been told the slower you dry the better? Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Thank you all so much for getting me this far. This is my first indoor grow and I’m excited and I want some really good tasty smelling weed.

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I would get a dehumidifier as high humidity risks mold formation. Be aware that dehumidifiers put out heat in the process of removing humidity. You will likely have to address temp issues too.


Until humidity is under 70? What should I target? Again I’m in no hurry to dry as I want the best outcome possible. Thank you

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58 to 60% is a good target.


Am I dumb by asking if I feel mold won’t be any issue? Can I wait out the next couple days for humidity to naturally come down by itself? Because your correct with humidifier adding heat, my temps are great but guessing that would at least add another 10 degrees to tent, but if you think I’m better getting humidity down quickly with added heat for a day or so is better I’ll do it? They are all separated pretty nicely with decent air circulation from in and out fans? Thank you again, I’m just really not wanting the grassy ass smell and earthy taste from my last and first outdoor grow?

Slower is better, i usually run a dehumidifier set at 50%. If your hanging /drying they will leak water into the air from 1000 cuts.

Get a moisture tester from Home Depot for $30. I usually dry until the bud hits about 5- 7% stem behind the bud about 11%

Others here might have that dialed in better as far as the moisture percentages go.

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Ok great but this is why I keep asking the same question when you say slower is better? If that’s true why should I run dehumidifier? When it should drop itself in my climate, I’m in Buffalo and my tent will hold 68 degrees throughout this hanging process. Again… unless you’re saying I should be concerned with mold?

Not trying to be difficult just trying to understand better. Thank you

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No worries buddy no question is a bad question. The answer is mold, perfect world there would be a perfectly sterile environment then you could dry “only” considering humidity and slow drying.

Its a balance, you want to keep it slow, and also dry enough not to mold on you.

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Oh and yes I already bought one of those recommended wood moisture tester for when I think they are ready for jars or grove bags?

Jars or grove bags?? I have both already

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@Mjm697 If your temp is that stable could you raise exhaust fan speed to lower humidity? It works in my environment. I did this to my tent at start of the drying then lowered it as humidity dropped. Be forewarned they at still drying


That’s way too high, even for growing in the flowering phase, from what I understand. It should’ve been lowered months ago. I’d be checking it for mold now if you’ve been that high through the flowering period.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is what I’ve gathered from all of the research I’ve done.

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Did you do a wet trim? If your humidity is high in your dry area, wet trim your plants, that will cut down on the amount of moisture in there. Also turn up your fan from 3 to 6 (or 8) as suggested to get more air exchange.

Make sure plants aren’t touching each other or are bunched up, as long as you have ample air movement, rh can be a little higher than the ideal 60%.


Turn internal fan onto the wall…I get to 70% without issues because fans are indirectly swirling air…
Granted, its not
a constantly 70%. I have a dehu involved, and the top70%, and low58%, average out to 64rh…my temps just below 70f.

A constant 70% without choice, and potential mold, could be circumvented by raising temps somehow… it’ll drop the rh a few points, but be ready for a Quick dry.
I say its the wash you did… So 70% is expectable for 2 days
but have that fan oscillating or swirling on the tent wall…

Edit to add… Move the probe in other areas, and see if its lower elsewhere.

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I bud washed them , that’s throwing the rh up! Lol, no mold but thank you

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Also raise the in fan as well then correct? Ty good thinking

Ok guys I just got home and put my oscillating fan against back wall as close to the wall as possible in the non oscillating postion on low! And raised my exhaust fan to 6 , I left in-line fan alone at approximately low high.

I also have the InkBird probe as well.

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Clickybones said swirling or oscillating so I just did that now, I unlocked it


I would turn exhaust up to reduce rh. Would try to keep it at 60% and no higher. Not worth the risk.

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Great…Now your working with what you have At your immediate disposal for the time being. As everyone here is saying: you are at the cusp of where mold is possible, BUT you did a hydrogen wash, and that reduces potential mold drastically… With the air moving in there; log the % numbers as they drop -to guesstimate 2 days from now… You need to get away from the constant 70%…Did you trim the fans off? It will help them release moisture if removed.
My tent is away from house and the rainy weather does effect the interior enough to trigger the dehumidifier more often… I had to get clever on how to expell hot air, and dehumidify at the same time. Heres mine now:

Its warm outside, and about to rain…so these are the best numbers I can produce… But I already know…
My buds will be dank, without mold, smooth and sweet after the cure. Low/slow is the way…

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I live on an Island and must have flood insurance. Why?
Having the dehumidifier available is insurance.
Using the dehumidifier to move air and RH desired levels, might be easier than sticking and stabing at hanging moving targets.

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