Humidity in a drying tent

I have a average tent at 70° with the humidity at 33% steady should i try to raise it if so how?i have a humidifier but i dont want my bud to mold HELP PLEASE!!!

I might be wrong still a newbie but I try to keep mine around 60 on temp, and 60-50 on humidity you don’t want to dry to fast. Long slow cure or dry is the best. But please like said Newbie im sure some pro will chime in and give you a better insight


Yeah, get that humidity up asap or your weed will smell like dry hay by tomorrow. Ideally I keep the drying room at 60 - 65° and 62% humidity for the first 2 days, then I’ll slowly bring the humidity down a couple of points a day until 55%, and I keep it there until they’re done.
Be careful if you use a humidifier, only let it run for very short periods, and don’t let it blow towards the plants. Might be better to throw a wet towel or two on the floor, but definitely get the humidity up.


Yes bring humidity up and temp. Down 50 to 60 degrees is good and 50 percent humidity if bigger buds. Small buds can take higher humidity to dry slower. To me most important thing is get the temp. Down.

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agreed, need that humidity up.

In ur drying tent ur humidity should be around 55-60%

I like mines 35% or lower , helps tighten the buds into rooster :rooster: bullets nuggets !