Is my attic going to work for drying?

I really have no place to hang my plants when i harvest except my attic but its probably about 50 to 60 degrees in the winter. But it’s black as night up there is the low temp going to ruin my buds? In the winter its very dry up here in the north east probably 25 to 35%. What ya all think?

Should be fine. I’d just put a couple of fans to circulate the air. Don’t point them directly at the plants. It’s just to keep the air moving to prevent mold.

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You might invest in a dehumidifier. You want it dry. Depends where you are.

The temps are a bit cool, but it’ll be fine as long as your humidity isn’t too low and you have some air circulating.
I’m in New England, and my humidity drops a lot in the winter. At 25-30% your hanging buds will dry really quickly. Add a humidifier and/or keep a close eye on them and jar them before they get too crisp.

Just a thought, i could use my grow tent to dry. Then when there ready to jar ill have seeds ready to go. Have a fan in there, its dark and i can run carbon filter for ventalation and smell. Good idea or wishful thinking?

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I’ve used my other tent before. It worked perfectly.

Sounds like a decent plan, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

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I use my tent also. Only problem is I can’t really start anything until they are done drying. But thats ok. I need a break from the growing madness. lol

If the humidity is that low and the temps in the high 50s to low 60s. That is perfect according to the grow bible @Cheftodd420