Drying your bud

What’s the best way to dry bud. I’ve cut 2 of my plant did a wet trim and have them drying in a small tent on a drying rack trying to keep rh at 60 and temps have been 75 to almost 80. Should i open the tent door to drop the temp a little bit or would that allow to much fresh air and dry the bud out to fast? Need help please help. Thanks in advance for any info.

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You doing good :+1:, 55% are less would be better 76 -82 degrees is okay and give them 10-14 days if not another week !

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Really that long

You can open the tent if you want but you good

Yes I good dry is BTW 10-14 days same curing and if you let you curing for like 3 or 4 months you products go to smell and taste so good

It depends on the size and density of the buds and it’s much better to under dry and put em in jars than if you overdry them. You can always open the jars for a day or even dump them back out for a few hours. When you overdry they lose a lot of the quality you can’t get back

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Here’s a pic to show bud density.

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How long do y’all think for bud this size. It was about twice the size last night when i cut it hope it doesn’t shrink anymore.

I go by feel when I trim them and place them in a drying rack like yours.

If you’ve burned before you know how it feels (crackly on the outside and very very lightly spongy on the interior).

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With buds that were wet trimmed at that humidity and temp you are probably looking at 2-3 days.

14 days is usually for whole plants hung at 55-60% humidity and 60°

@SilvaBack203 you use this drying method, yeah? What are your thoughts

I usually get 5 days with similar temps and humidity as you with branches.


I tried your method my very first grow but the day after i hung them up i went out there and trimmed them up bc at that time i read something online about leaving all the leaves on them that it could cause mold on your buds. I’ve still got 4 plants growing maybe I’ll try leaving all the leaves on them and try drying a little slower. Have you tried it the way that I’m doing it and which way do you think is better?

Do you trim any leaves off, like all the big fan leaves maybe?

Yes I love my rack since I can’t hang my girls. I really go 4 feel. If it feel wet moist I let it dry longer. I do have a fan pointed at it 2 make sure either get some airflow. I also make sure I spread the bud out so it don’t sit in the same position 4 2 long I noticed that speeds up the process… by the time I grove bag them the bud usually around 60 and 70

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I only trim the fans with visible stems. I don’t have any problems with mold. But I wash all my harvests.

The point of hanging larger sections is to prolong dry which could help with terps.

The best method is the one that works for you.

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Wash your harvests? :thinking:

When I do wet trim i leave it like this

Once I see the moist is going down I do another trim but now I just leave em in nuts until dry enough 2 grove them or a final manicure.

I also wash my girls. 1 cup of 3% peroxide per 1 gallon of water and another bucket with just water 2 rinse it


:point_up_2: look at those gorgeous buds.

I usually wash 8oz peroxide with 5 gallons, and rinse with regular tap.

What does that do with the peroxide

Almost every plant has some sort of mildew. Or nasties like dust, dead bugs, or bug droppings… washing gets rid of all that (mostly) without hurting the plant. After you do it once, you will want to do it every time. Leaves a film of disgust on top of the water when you are done, lol.

You in great hands listening 2 @Low he helped me accomplish that beautiful bud. After your 1st wash and you see what’s left behind you will love it

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How do you do it do you spray them down or are you swishing them around in the water and peroxide?

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