Question about reveging

Hello all I’m looking for a little guidance on a issue I have. I have a couple of plants that I had to put back into veg and they were in mid bloom. Im talking beautiful plants loaded with buds 4ft tall3 ft around and my buddy was over one night and I was making new buckets and he wanted to help as I’ve done before many times and some how he needed up using a double dose of flora micro which would have been 80ml and then added the flow and left out the bloom and mixed it up and put hose two buckets he did in there and put them in those buckets and 24 hrs later they were hammered to the point where I thought its too late. Before I could even realize there was a problem they were going to surcom to it. So…I love everyone of my plants so uh oh turned into there’s still a chance cause they were still green…is so I changed buckets went through all the parameters which is where I finally ground the problem and put them bavkbinto veg and what happened after that was not a pretty site. All those bids where broke apart and the sections spread out and started growing leaves out of them. These claw looking leaves and single finger leaves with smooth edges eventually coming back to life over the course of the next month, all the while it still kept on going through the flowering faseproducing all the tricombs and aromas I would normally be having in the room and finally fast forward to now and im inbthe last bend of the track and may 19th is scheduled harvest moon time and here lies my problem. All of those bud sites turned into reall bog colons but also with a shit load of little round leaves that I’m assuming are sugar leaves and regular leaves but bookoos over. I need rotyim someone so they can fill in some more but I’m having a hard time telling the sugar leaves from the rest and wondered ifbthere was a specific way I could tell so I didn’t cut the sugar leaves out and ruin my bjg colons. Tia

Buddy, if there’s a question in there I’m having a hard time finding it.

Edit: I think we need to back up. If your 5/19 harvest date is based on the breeder’s flowering estimate, you should still be checking the trichomes under magnification to gauge maturity; moreover, if you successfully reverted to vegetative growth during the flowering process, you really messed with the timeline.

Maybe don’t let your friend near your grow again.


Can u get a clear shot of more of the plant to be seen. U moght havd u a major issue. When u went to reveg did u clip off all the buds that were growing previously. Them buds will start to get bud rot most likely and be nasty looking color. Hooe this is not the case for u but id look over the plant suler good for bud rot areas also all buds that grow on a plant and get revegged need to be trimmed off as they will statt to rot down the road and cause problems.

Thanks for the replys. I❤GM has really been a big part of my success . I decided not to cut anything and just let them do wat they do and its looking like I’m still gonna be a 1/4lb a plant and thats makes me happy. Luckily there wasn’t any bud rot. The buds all just kinda broke apart and each one of the parts grew into its own stock producing these huge colons and by all accounts they’re already in line to harvest a week early. Thanks guys

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