Please help want to try new training tech

If i top a plant once and let it grow vertically until a certain height before flip… can i spread the branches out during the first 3 weeks of flower? Instead of lst’n early veg? I like tall plants

I think that would be alright. I try not to top after they start flowering. The stretch is when I try to stop the madness.

I agree, don’t top in flower. You can certainly move branches while flowering, but also remember that plants will only continue to grow for first couple weeks of 12/12. After that you won’t see a lot of new nodes or branches, mainly just leaves. Plants also have a tendency to stiffen branches in flower, so be careful not to break them.

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Great because im trying a new training tech where you top at 6 nodes to the 4th and you let it grow natural and once you flip is when you start spreading the branches so the side branches can grow… is that ok ?


If you top then let it grow naturally then it’ll grow like a forked tree, it’ll be slightly more horizontal and have more bud sites, but you’d get more out of that spread if you lst the new main colas while they’re still thin and flexible because after flower they’re nigh unmovable and you could split the middle.

Cool, so 1 week before flower i can start lst the main branches? I just dont want to lose to much height thats why i want to start tying down branches during the stretch… i like having 3ft plants. If i lst to early itll take longer for me to get to my desired height before flipping! You get what im saying ?

Or maybe i can top then lst and after i get a few more side branches i can let it grow vertically to my desired height… i just dont want it to wide horizontally . I rather more vertical length than wide

You can chiropractic the limbs to make them more rigid later on.

I’ll explain best I can, but if it doesn’t come through well let me know and I’ll send a video so you can see and hear what I’m talking about.

First, once your limb has reach 4-6 node sets, or nodes if staggering, reach down to the base of that limb connecting to the main stem ( with only your pointer finger and thumb grasping it).

Now, while still holding the base of limb, reach right above the first node and twist very gently either way until you hear a snap (not a break that’s bad, but an audible snap/click). Remember what way it clicked.

Now, move the hand holding the base up above the second node. Repeat the process as above mention paragraph. The next node usually clicks the opposite rotation of the last click.

Continue repeating that process up until you can not get a click out of the limb. You can do it every time it grows 4-6 new nodes.

Again, if video is needed, just ask. Happy Cultivating!!!

I can top a plant and start lst on them a couple days later. I top and start same day just don’t be real agressive with them. Do small bends at a time

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These are with clones but I think they show what you are talking about.
I, for the most part, pruned them to one main stem. A few lagged behind in growth so I let grow more naturally.
8/9 before being topped

8/9 as topped

This is on 10/3. Maintained single main stem and limited number of secondary branches. Flipped to flower the next day

on 10/30

I took lousy pictures of the canopy - on 12/2

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I love ya single scrog set up… what size are the pvc pipes going across the top? And what size are your pots? Thank you sir u inspired me

Whats the lengh of those pipes circled ? I would love to build one of these around my 3 gallon pot

Processing: 3574ABA3-CF5A-4F5C-9965-A814AF743D69.jpeg…

all of the upper frame is 1" pvc pipe and corners.
The bottom frame and legs are 1 1/4" as are the 4-way corners. I use a piece of the 1 1/4" pipe as a bushing to transition from the larger pipe to 1". The upper frame can slide up & down.

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I have a little more detail and photos of the frames at Scroggers - in case you are interested

So the ones going across the canopy is probably 1 foot long?

No. The frames are not square. one set is 19 1/4" and other two are 20 3/4.
The size of a frame is based on two requirements. The size of the catch trays and being able to fit three frames in a 32 x 72" closet.