Scroggers - in case you are interested

the 1/2"plywood base is 22x24". The dimensions are determined based on the space they will be used in .

I used these 1" plugs to anchor the pipe

The PVC is 1 1/4" basic schedule 40. The verticals are cut to 22"

The catch tray is a 18x26x3" pizza dough rising pan. I will set an Autopot XL tray in it. If I mess up the auto valve, hopefully the tray will catch most of it.

I will cut 2-3" lengths of 1 1/4 pipe to use as bushings for the top of the 4-ways. I will add a top frame made of 1" pvc. 1" pvc nests and slides nicely inside 1 1/4" pipe

This is one of similar size in use


Those are some solid looking colas​:+1::call_me_hand::ok_hand:


Thanks It was taken on 28th day 12/12
It is actually a SOG with six clones in 1-gallon fabric pots in a 24x24 frame.


Looks like a monster version of my screens. Mine 16x16" with 5 gal pots and

are made of 1/2 pvc and masonry string


Nice design, very similar to the ones that I designed a couple of years ago.

I swiped ideas from several other folks on this forum and combined them with a few of my own.


This is the one I adapted from someone else no longer here (can’t remember):

Out in the yard for photos. The screen is adjustable up and down so if tops get too high, rather than add a second screen, lift this one.


@merlin44 @Myfriendis410 I saved both of your designs when I saw them before. I steal good ideas where ever I can find them


You must have to set the frames in the pots when you transplant. How far down do the legs go inside the pot?

I’m running out of reasons to avoid scrog.


I usually used the net / mason line to support the plants and colas. The first time I really used the net as a training device is with the plants pictured above, It certainly helps keep the run away stems in check.


They go all the way down and I add them about a week or so after transplant. Plenty of time before the roots reach out that far.


I love your scrog setup @Indicanna_Jones
I’d totally buy one of those if my shop had them

I’m not really good at making stuff without instructions and part list so, screwed!

Maybe when I get my s together, I’ll try to copy your design from sight

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They are super easy to make. I made 6 of them for about $60. If you ever decide to make them tag me and I’ll explain if you need help.


Will do, and thanks for that offer!

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Just wanted to post the completed frame. The upper can go up 14+"

I need two more just like it


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:that’s some beautiful ladies

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@BigCat420 this thread provides a lot of the information I think you are looking for.

I used 1 1/4 Sch 40 pipe for the bottom vertical pipe and the first square frame. These pieces are joined together with 1 1/4" 4-way tees.
The top frame is 1" pipe and joined using 1" 3-way tees. A length of 1 1/4" pipe is used as a bushing to transition from the 1.25" 4-way to the 1" vertical pipe. Everything needs to be fairly square for the sliding feature to work smoothly. An adjustable pipe clamp can be used to set the height of the upper frame.
I’ll add a few more photos. Tag me if you need more info.
I didn’t give lengths or cuts because these frame are made specifically for the space they are used in.

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A closeup of one of the corners

I bought the tees from Formufit. A whole lot less than through amazon especially if you get the scratch & dent closeouts. I did so I could color code the frames / plants.

After the first grow I added another caster. It does make it even easier to move.
I put washers between the plywood and caster to raise it a bit


I put stadia marks on the uprights and used sheet metal screws to lock in place after adjusting. A cordless driver makes it way easy.